Why does my body vibrate 2 hours after chakra meditation/Kundalini?

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2-3 hours after a 1 hour deep chakra meditation I lay down to go to sleep…While I am trying to drift off the whole core of my body seems to vibrate and I hear a distant “buzzing” noise…It kind of freaks me out since I have no idea what’s happening..Im pretty new to meditating, advice is greatly appreciated:)

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Hun you’re body has demons! The meditation is unchristian and it’s pleasing them! Go talk to you’re pastor and he might be able to find someone to help you.


Intensive meditation does have effects, otherwise nobody would practice it…
There are many different types of meditation, and although chakra meditations and kundalini practices are done quite a lot these days in the west, their origin lies in very advanced practices.
Best is if you learned this from a qualified teacher, to check with that teacher. If you taught this yourself, I would advise to start looking for a qualified teacher (not someone who picked it up during a holiday in India or so).
I suspect that you may actually be raising a bit of kundalini or other energy, but you need to be aware that this can be dangerous without proper guidance. So until you find a good teacher, better to stop this technique. For the time being, if you want to stop it, it may help to focus the energy towards a spot slightly under your belly-button, where it can usually be stored with little harm.


You are simply raising your energy with the meditation. Do not fear the vibrations. I have had them many times. Recently had an OBE experience when they occurred. After that happened I have been online researching and found out people induce these vibrations to do what they call Astral Projecting.


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