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why does my aura change color?

when i first started seeing auras, they were all the same pale yellow. my aura was always yellow, but recently, i’ve been seeing shades of red, blue, and once, even green. why is that?
p.s. if you don’t believe in all this aura stuff, and you’re only here to call me insane, then don’t even bother. i believe in this stuff. if you don’t, then so be it, just don’t insult me.


  1. Everyone’s aura changes, just like your mood, health, attitudes change. It’s normal.
    Also, when you get to see them very well, there are different layers of colors; you might be seeing that.

  2. Everyone’s changes all the time. Most people have a couple of colors that they “wear” most of the time, but as you go through life changes, emotional or physical trauma or health, etc, it will change. I don’t hold that there are “healthy” and “unhealthy” colors as a universal rule. Some people are very healthy in black and I worry about them when I start to see reds and greens!

  3. There is a thing called Synesthesia, I suggest you look it up.
    Once you read this you may believe that this is irrelevant to your question, however, it is not (unless I’m crazy). Some synesthestes see auras for certain people, and even can see the peoples’ “Emotions”. You may be feeling stressed or unhappy, causing your own aura to change. Do the aura colors change for other people if you can feel that they are tense or such?
    I’m not sure if you’re the reading sort, but you should really read A Mango Shaped Space, by Wendy Mass. It is a rather short, and written for a slightly young audience, about a girl with synesthesia, and her seeing auras (just keep reading it, they come up rather late in the book).
    I hoped this helped.

  4. It is a reflection of the body’s spirit energy. It reflects our health, mental activity & emotional state. It also shows disease – often long before the onset of symptoms

  5. The yellow you first saw was actually the yellow of intelligence. It focuses around the head and is persistent throughout all humans at the least. It is also very strong, so it is often the first aura people see. You might recognize this as the yellow “halo” or “crown” found in lots of religious art. The new colors you are seeing actually are auras and those are what reflect emotions, an individual’s nature, etc.
    In reality, I envy you. I have never seen aura’s myself but I have studied the aura for years.

  6. aura is just energy. If you heat up energy, it changes color. If you cool it down, it also changes. So…depending on your energy level, your thought connections, your interactions with those around you will depend on the colors.
    Sometimes when you meet someone and they just ‘turn you off’, their energy is not mixing with yours well.

  7. They change depending on your mood, don’t worry about it, it’s normal. In fact see it as a good sign that you are seeing all of these colours.

  8. Yes, i have seen yellow,white,pink clear red,rainbow. I only use to see them sometimes,now i practiced a little i can see my own. This is how i did it,i looked at center of palm with relaxed eyes,then move hand back and forth,look with peripheral vision,do for a while,y will see a glow orlight around hand


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