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Why does Michael Tsarion asks money for his unification of Tarot, Kabbalah, Numerology and Astrology?

If he says that this “unification” is sorely needed in order to cleanse our shadow’s from the unconscious mind, why would he charge thousends of dollars for this knowledge?


  1. NaN, I have heard a little about Michael Tsarion and skimmed over him in the past but something wasn’t sitting right with me from his overall message. You bring up a very good question. It appears his need to charge so much for information is his own egoistic need (money included) and not for spreading what he thinks is truth for the good of humanity. As you said, “why would he charge thousands of dollars for this knowledge?” A hustle it seems indeed.
    Also another bigger question comes up… why would he need money to unify Tarot, Numerology and Astrology with Authentic Kabbalah which are not unified to begin with. Here is are some links to explain what I mean. Wish you well…peace

  2. Because there are profane people who would waste this knowledge and would not put it to good use. If you pay a decent amount of money for something then you will be less likely to throw it in your closet after you get bored with it. M. Tsarion has worked his whole life to bring these principles back into correspondence and I don’t blame him one bit for charging money for his lifes work. It gives him time to provide and seek more information and wisdom for us all. Also if you get on youtube, you can find his whole Origins and Oracles series for free and he does not claim copyright infringement on them, he has hundreds of talks for free and has uploaded his “Post human world” presentation for free himself. This is literally THOUSANDS of hours of FREE information for you to digest. Also if you don’t want to pay for the information then you can go spend a few more thousand dollars yourself on all the books he has read and spend 10-20 years gathering all the information and then you can release your own Esoteric knowledge system and then get ask stupid questions like this by people who have no clue what real hard work is. Or you can just give all your information for free and spend 30-50 years working in a shit job and not getting to do what you actually love in life.


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