Why does mankind waste so much time and energy on the supernatural?

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If there’s a god or gods out there and they’re all-loving and just, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us saving our time and energy for more intellectually honest endeavors. If there’s an afterlife, welcome it will be, but in the meantime, why bother with what we can’t prove or comprehend?

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Gay Crocoduck

Most people prefer to focus on fairy tales and recreational activities as a distraction from their real issues.


Curiousity. A desire to know.
Sometimes it’s a power thing, too. ‘Knowing’ gives you power over the ones who don’t know.


Because we’re curious monkeys! :]




humans are more primitive than we’d like to believe


Fear of the unknown.

Chris P

Bias question. Who’s to say its a waste? Like many other religions and beliefs, there is no proof to say it is right. Therefore, everything supernatural could be true. How do you know it isn’t?
How can you say its a waste if you have no proof of what you yourself believe?


Different strokes for different folks. Many get a life purpose out of the divine. It causes many to live better lives…be better people. I’ve seen alcoholic wife-beaters changed over night after a religious experience.
that is probably why.


You will be spending much more time in your spiritual life than in this physical life. Measure trillions to tens.Not much of a contest is it?
You only go around once in life as a physical being, so you had better get it right the first time. You do not have a second chance.


How can it be a waste of time. You are a spirit on a human experience. Don’t starve your spiritual side.


People are not wasting their time and energy if they are pursuing the things they enjoy or interest them.
It may not be the same things you enjoy or are interested in, but that doesn’t mean anyone else is wasting their time.
And some people do consider the pursuit of knowledge in these areas and the questioning and searching as being an intellectually honest endeavor.
If scientists thought anything we didn’t comprehend was a waste of time and not intellectually honest, where would we be?

Phoenix Fire

Think about it. It is the only frontier left that is genuinely the FINAL frontier.

Radium Radiator

Subconscious fear, urge to know the unknown, ignorance or misunderstanding of facts, lack of intelligence, boredom, gullibility, etc.


Life is short, but a vapor. We all can not comprehend every thing that is true, but there are many that can’t even deal with the issues of daily life. This is why we need God to help us all, to give guidance, comfort, and to let us know when we are in the wrong.
What proof do you want? If the people of old that saw the miracles of God first hand, still chose to be deluded and went against God. Do you really think that if God were to show up and spell it out to every one that they would be convinced? I would dare to say no, at least for many.

Frou Frou

because first of all, humans need to beleive in something higher than then, for various reasons, and this inlcudes morals and making humans live a certain way
and secondly because our persuit of knowledge is how we have got to the stage in life we are at now and have all the wonderful things we do,

Edward J

So should they just give up on trying to prove abiogenesis?

Angel SA



maybe someone said same thing about proving that earth is not flat, or proving that we dont live in geocentric universe. limits of our knowledge need to be expanded if we are going to progress as intellectual creatures.
it is human hunger for knowledge and fear of unknown that has riven us for ages and centuries to go further in our thoughts, theories and exploration. greatest human minds tried to explore realms of supernatural or metaphysical, from Plato to Jung and other modern intellectuals.

Jeff (weseye) Wesley

There’s a ton of money to be made. Billions and billions as Carl Sagan used to say. It’s Big Business.

Ibrahim Usman A

because they don’t think positive


Out of fear.


<< saving our time and energy for more intellectually honest endeavors >>
Like what? Watching TV. Surfing the Internet? Asking and answering questions in Yahoo R/S?
We have time for all things. There really isn’t a limit to time for what we want to do. We are spiritual beings. Therefore we pursue things of the spirit. Guess what. Science deals in the unknown itself. Example: Origin of life or universe. We cannot comprehend or prove it.
Just look at the TV programs that are out today. Nearly all of them involves the supernatural in some shape or form. Why? Ratings. People want it.

rewind ya mind

Waste time? or Learn, Think and Grow? What’s with the undying references to intellect? Is that the only element that matters?


Life is boring without it…


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