Why does Lao Tzu say that the eternal Tao is nameless?

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Why does Lao Tzu say that the eternal Tao is nameless?

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I would argue it is because it flows through everything, therefore is everything, and cannot be understood through words.


He’s trying to indicate that the words he is going to say are not – cannot be – the truth itself. They can only be guides or arrows pointing toward the truth.


«The myth is the nothing which is everything». Fernando Pessoa, Portugal. Before the name, there’s the nameless. That’s why Tao is not the name «Tao».


“my words are not the medicine but the perscription not the destination but the guide to help you reach there once you get there close your mouth ” lao tzu’s tao is the finger pointing to the moon don’t concentrate on the finger or you’ll miss all the heavenly glory lol


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