Why does it seem the youth of today are not understanding about the baby boomers?





I have just read some questions & answers on here from young people mad at the baby boomer generation, but the way they say it, is not my era, but the era right after mine.
Why do our youth not understand the difference between the Baby Boomers & the Viet Nam era?
The children of today seem to think so differently of the baby boomers compared to the Viet nam war tree huggers.
I am 62, we were baby boomers, but I was born after WW2, my brothers were born during the war and after the war. They are real boomers. The stupid new era hit during the Viet nam war, I just got out of H.S. and married when all these wierd liberal tree hugging peeps started drugs and no war crap. Then they raised kids who became teachers and now teach my grand children liberal views.


  1. I was raised by parents younger than you, the Generation Jones, between the Boomers and Gen X. It is weird though because Boomers are such a huge and diverse population that sometimes younger people can mix them all up. The only Boomers I get sick of are the “oooh yeah, swinging sexy party time!” Boomers who are in their midlife crisis currently and trying to bone girls their daughter’s age and keep the “swinging lifestyle” going. They got to live in a big drug filled orgy in an AIDS free environment and we grew up in the aftermath. Now, you can die from sex and the drugs are not filled with some happy go lucky vibe anymore. The Boomers got to enjoy the party and now we are left with the time of them paying the fiddler. I trust the G.I. Generation more than anyone but sadly, they are dying off. Thank God I had grandparents around.
    I realize not all Boomers were the annoying, sleazy swinger types, but they really did f*ck it up for all of us who are younger.

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