Why does it seem that the Abrahamic religions are more dualistic while Pagan religions are more non-dual?

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I can’t help but notice this, that Judaism and Christianity both teach we have free will to choose our path in life, while many Pagan religions including my own tend to believe in destiny/fate, and that our lives are predetermined.

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Cause they are arrogant


who is horus?
christianity derived from judaism so technically they serve the same God. It’s the same religion except chrisitianity is the newer version. It’s like judaism is nintendo while christianity is wii. they both are gaming systems one is just newer and better.


“Pagan” is a pretty generic term, and it could include some dualistic beliefs.
The last pagan I talked to made a point of discussing the balance of good and bad, and the left-hand and right-hand path.
The fact that he could choose the left or right hand path seems to imply free will rather than predestination.

The angels have serif.

I’m not following your use of dualism and how you’re relating it to free will. Free will and fate can’t exist at the same time, so they don’t really belong in a dualistic framework (like good/evil, body/mind, body/soul, etc.)
Christianity is thoroughly dualistic, they got that from body/mind dualism in Greek philosophy. Judaism uses distinctions, but has little actual dualism.


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