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Why does it always take a Shaman, Medicine Man, Prophet, Priest, Preacher, Minister to explain God?

No matter what culture or religious affiliation, they all primitive or so-called civilized, need the services of ‘holy men’ to explain God.
Why is that?


  1. Specialists?
    Some of the neo-pagan-type movement seems to put forth the belief that spiritualism is personal & that only you can find your own path to the divine.
    Also, I saw a commercial for a program on an eastern religion (sorry I don’t remember which one) where the announcer was saying that the divine is in all of us.
    It may seem that most require Preacher, etc, but not all apparently.

  2. Because they get pay of sort to do so
    Kind of like a job
    And people listen to someone that gets paid to do something better than to someone that says they know
    How to do it better
    And don’t get paid to do it

  3. Because they’re the guys that dedicated their life to studying Him.
    I believe that God can only be interpreted by oneself, and that a priest is there to help. It does not mean they are primitive.

  4. They are the only ones confused enough to think that they can define what God is.
    Everyone else knows Better.
    Love and blessings Don

  5. The premise is not true. I’ll explain God, and I’m no priest:
    An imaginary character invented for the comfort and control of gullible people.
    Not that hard.

  6. As much as one may try to explain God, you will still not complete the task. There are not enough words to describe Him and the human mind is not big enough to comprehend His majesty.

  7. I’m a Shaman, and there is no god. There is the great spirit of grandfather sky, the culmination of all cause and effect that led to our existence. But it is not the same as the religious omnipotent giant invisible magic being interesting in our sex lives.
    Don’t tar belief systems based on observable phenomena with the same brush as religions based on totally unsubstantiated codswallop. Thank you very much. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  8. Not true. You are making an assumption. Many common people know a lot about God and can explain as good as any of the people you listed. Nevertheless, if you want to know about medical problem you will most likely ask a doctor because that is his specialty.

  9. People seem to expect it!!!! But mere Bible Christians, say- Read the scriptures FOR YOURSELF… then you don’t get fooled by those so-called holy men who “have thelight” or whatever.
    Bible has ALL we need. There is no “new light” or new revelations to mankind. Jesus Christ was the final word, period. It is FINISHED.
    Search the scriptures to “see if a thing is so”…
    There isn’t supposed to be anymore organization, no more priests, we are now ALL able to boldy approach the throne.
    We can have “elders”- persons who are mature, guide us, but there are no more new things, no one is “holier” than another! No more prophets hearing direct from God.. all that is past. Everything God wants us to know is in that Bible.

  10. because it always takes some, secratery, assistant, upper officer,source, minister, secret services chife. to talk or discuss something with president..
    just because he is selected by a lot a people and you are a man of your own home,
    then god is the one who created you feeding you and you are answerable to him on day of judgement. god deserve that much.

  11. In every tribe there were ‘seers’, holy men, prophets, who used their influence for good or bad. Mostly it seems they used their abilities to garner possessions, or power over others.
    What bigger rush could there be, than the ability to speak for or represent God himself.
    Even in our so-called enlightened age, who is it that holds serious control over the lives of billions? Religious leaders.
    Islamic tribes led by unscrupulous Imams are willing to sacrifice the lives of their own tribe members to satisfy the ‘blood lust’ of their god.
    Christian tribes led by Popes, priests, preachers and ‘governing bodies’ of chosen ones, breed hate and distrust among what should be fellow tribesman. Predicated on mere ‘words’ found in so-called holy books. Holy books which inspire more discord and division than answer the really hard questions.
    The entire world is infected by these men and women who shout that they have ‘the truth’, they are the only ones blessed by God.
    In my opinion, the history of mankind would read far differently if we had of squelched the infection at its first inception.


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