Why does God want to end the life of the Buddha?

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When God sat on the great wall of China and declared war on the Buddha, what was the reason for this?
When the Buddha fell out of his mother, that is when God became manifest and declared war on the great wall. The other great wall, which no longer stands.
He also declared war on the Buddha
The Buddha was slim, so this is not a valid reason for incurring the wrath

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Matt M

God must have met the Buddha on the path.. Buddhist doctrine will tell you that the only correct course of action is to slay him.
Or was this meant to be a serious political question?

Kam I Am

You don’t really want an answer. You are only trying to cause controversy. Yep, God hates fat people. All of ’em. He only started with Buddha. Beware rotund and roly poly peoples. God is coming back for the Fat Sodom and Gomorra! Lol.


Derek, what the hell.
It’s been six whole freaking months!
It’s nice to know that you’re not dead.


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