Home Discussion Forum Why does consciousness poison the experience?

Why does consciousness poison the experience?

Can consciousness and constant self reflection be regarded as a disease?


  1. I think it could be regarded as completely natural since everybody does it.
    Human beings have had the most outrageous experiences of all the animal kingdom thanks to acute self-awareness.

  2. well it can be a burden at times, but being self-conscious is based on important experiences on which we rely–being self-conscious about your weight, for example, is definitely a disease but self-consciousness more on a social basis–such as in matters of interaction with others–can be a good thing. in the grand scheme of things, it’d be better to have it than not.

  3. You tell us Princess Narcissist…Seen as your the one making out with your own reflection.
    PS I am not doing your assignment for you, slacker!

  4. these goodness virtues …all humans had …and the attractions of other ways are also there …this tug of war …continue …and a good sign …before …false attractions take over


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