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Why does Confucius believe that the single most important virtue in any society is good leadership?

I understand that it is reflecting on the divine inspiration, as helping others choosing the greater goods over the lesser goods, in away of getting rid of the ignorance in the individual. I am having a hard time understanding why Confucius would find this to be a virtue that sticks out from the rest.


  1. Wonderful question.
    Strong leadership is the “captain of a ship”. He/She directs and inspires others to “save” others and themselves by being well equipped to handle any situation.
    I always use the Ocean as the reference, since you can’t contain it, much like the world around you. So you must “contain” yourself.

  2. Because I believe that Confucius had had ample experience to observe and ponder upon the impact that bad leadership had in misleading and damaging a whole society.

  3. Think of it this way. If you have an entire population of totally useless handicapped semi-morons, but GREAT leadership, you can work something out of it. Leadership is what gets things done. Fast, clean and efficient. On the religious side, the leader takes his following to a higher plane of understanding. If he can help the rest understand, then he has accomplished his mission, and you now have an entire population that is educated.


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