Why does CNN have different articles on UFOs everyday?

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I’ve been noticing that everyday for the last couple of weeks, CNN always has something on their main page regarding UFOs. Is something going on that is causing CNN to want to affect the subconscious mind of it’s general readership? Or are they preparing the World for something bigger than Obama?

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andrew m

Hello… media, trying to scare the world to death, one article at a time.


They’re probably letting us gradually be educated on Ted Turner’s past. That guy is so odd and “out there” that I wouldn’t be surprised if he were an alien. A lot of liberals even think he’s odd.
He knows one thing, money. After that, I’d be surprised if he were intelligent enough to tie his own shoes.

My Name Here

there just trying to brainwash you and get you into a state of fear, if your scared that war of the worlds is going to happen youll do what ever they want you to.


they want people to belive them, so they get more viewers


Hellooooo! UFO’s are real. Didnt you know that everything on TV is TRUE!

Aussie Witch 50

I believe that it’s because we are being preened for “first contact” which of course happened thousands of years ago, and has happened recently as well, but the USA government deemed the world not ready for aliens and their knowledge…I am a multiple abductee, so nobody alive can tell me they are not here now…It has been covered up because of mainstream religion ; if you had 3 questions you could ask an ET would not one of them concern “God” and religion in general ?? Well you can bet that question has been asked and they didn’t like the answer, so to keep all the “Sheeple” grazing in their perspective paddocks they have covered it up vehemently…You see religion is all about control of the masses…
As we approach 2012, we will all get to know the truth about a myriad of things of which have been kept from us…The wheel of time is in motion and no man alive can stop what is about to happen…
In Light…)O(


I have not noticed that .
I will tell you though that my Grand father was a trouble shooter for the electric power company and was sent to Roswell years ago and did witness a UFO.


They have been here for Many years and are impressed that Americans have begun to pull their heads out of our Anus’s.


I think people just like UFO stories, so it’s a good way to generate traffic to their site. I don’t think CNN is out to frighten us or prepare us for a big alien invasion.


I have also noticed that CNN online has a new UFO story almost weekly, maybe they are prepping us for something.


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