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Why does Christianity feel so wrong, but Buddhism feels so right?

I was raised Christian, but once I was old enough to examine it, I read the bible, and found nothing but hate, hypocrisies, and things I could not bring myself to believe. Going to church was awful. No matter how hard I tried to believe (because I thought I had to), Christianity always felt wrong.
Now, I am studying Buddhism. I am attending seminars at the Zen center downtown, reading anything I can get my hands on, and have started practicing zazen. Everything feels like it’s falling into place. I read something and think “Hey, that’s what I’ve always thought!” Doing zazen, I feel whole.
If Christianity is the right religion for everyone, as some people claim, why does it feel so wrong to me, while Buddhism feels so right?
Just so we’re clear, I accept that Christianity may be the right religion for you, but I know it isn’t for me. I’m addressing this to people who think that everyone needs to be Christian.
Luau Macao, those are rather common misconceptions, but thanks anyway. 🙂
byHisgrace, Buddhists don’t follow any god. Buddha was never a god. He was just as human as anyone else.

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  1. Christianity wrong? Maybe cause it’s creepy?
    Yes, Buddhism is good, and so is Taoism. Have you read the Tao-te-ching? Read it in several translations, cause many translators have had trouble with it.

  2. I’ve been to a Buddhist temple. Quite lovely. I respect their beliefs. Go ahead and become a Buddhist. Understand it’s a process and may require giving up alcohol, meditation, vegetarianism and a trek to Nepal.

  3. Everyone has their own path to find.
    I’m glad you found yours.
    I think, because Christianity is the truth for some they think
    ( the one who’s truth it is ) that “logically” it must be the truth for everyone. It’s the same with some atheists, and some other religions.
    What they don’t realize is that everyone has a different truth.

  4. Do whatever your heart tells you, follow the golden rule, treat others as you would have them treat you, (preferably good) don’t steal, cheat, lie and respect people’s beliefs so long as they’re not hateful or dangerous and you can’t go wrong.
    Good luck in your venture, I’m personally very interested in eastern concepts and philosophies.

  5. YOUR… ANSWER….!
    Remember… The SONG….. ” HOW CAN IT BE WRONG… WHEN IT .. FEELS… SO… RIGHT….!”
    YOU.. were probably… Raised…. ” A PSEUDO CHRISTIAN “.. without being… BORN AGAIN !
    (John 3:5-6-7) Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
    (Joh 3:6) That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
    (Joh 3:7) Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.
    Thanks, RR

  6. Hi Wonder Girl, long tome no see. How have you been?
    You do know that you’re gonna get hate mail and preachings straight out of the NT, don’t you? Some may even say that you’ll smoke a turd in Purgatory…
    Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi.

  7. every religious persons eventual goal is to convert others,some more openly than others notice how you say bhuddism “feels so right”.

  8. sometimes a kid runs away from home, gets into all kinds of mess and says ‘but my heart told me it felt so right’
    “the heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it’ Jeremiah the prophet of God
    I would disagree with Buddism on several levels
    Firstly on its view of the ultimate being the extinguishing of all desire, even hope, achieving a Nirvana ‘blowing out of the candle’ state of no desire… this is sharply contrasted with the Christian view that desire is neutral and can be used for bad of good or even to the glory of God and God himself is portrayed in the Bible as having desires. The ultimate salvation in heaven is when the desires of man and the glory of God meet perfectly in contrast with the Nirvana of Budhism where desire is ended and the candle is blown out
    Secondly, there is no ‘god’ in Budhism and the ‘believer’ is instructed to look within themselves for truth and theres the rub, ‘all of us like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way’ the damaged fallen soul of fallen man cannot repair its own flaws, a redeemer is needed

  9. All I would have to say to you is that there is not any one certain religion for everyone. You should just do as your spirit and heart tell you to do and believe whatever you want.

  10. You may have missed the last hundred years. Christians you will find are around doing good things, and there is a thing among us called freedom of conscience. Check into it.

  11. I suppose a heroin addict can say that it “feels” right to do heroin. I did not choose Christianity because of a “feeling”.
    GOD bless

  12. what probably happened is you got stuck in a bunch of religion, rather than what Jesus taught.
    if buddhism is helping you , then pursue it….
    i just invite you back someday…to find the real Jesus..and not the one fake people and religion pushed on you….you will find that he was nothing but love and forgiveness….

  13. Because it bothers you so much to leave it behind. Not the religion, but CHRIST. Regardless of what the religious people around you taught you, or experiences you’ve had, I think deep down you aren’t ready to reject Christ.
    Have you ever asked God questions about what you read in the Bible? Told him in prayer what you like about Buddhism and what bothers you about church?
    I’m curious: What does this mean? “Going to church was awful.”

  14. I wasnt raised on Christianity. I was raised to be a Catholic but my family isnt that religious at all. We only went to church for a baptism or marriage. I found Christ on my own without people pushing it on me. People never pushed religion on me so I like the fact that I have a good moral respect for what I believe in (Christianity). Though, I dont like how people push their religion on some people because it can go to far and lead the person in the wrong direction.

  15. Because you’re a sinner!! Just kidding to each his or her own. religion should be about making you a better person- and not touching little kids (Christians i’m looking at you) So whatever feels right, go on ahead and do babydoll. Just know that you’re going to hell for it (lol)

  16. God, girl..I so hear ya.
    The bottom line in Christianity seems to have morphed into who gets to play the harp, who gets to fry, and in the meantime, we suggest you vote for Bush and aren’t those homosexuals awful?
    Buddhism is practical advice for living an awakened and more serene life, and if you choose to believe in God, good for you.
    I like the idea that the Buddha was just the first guy to wise up, and not part of some cosmic soap opera involving dubious prophecies that blame the world’s Ills on a “fallen angel”.
    I get better, the world gets better, I have compassion for myself, I have more compassion for you…simple.

  17. maybe because it’s one of the very few religions that doesn’t convert? But if you look at the teachings all religions are very similar. It’s just that buddhists doesn’t have dogma there for there are nearly no zealots in buddhism. But in truth buddhism is not really consider religion, plz don’t be offended by this buddhists but it’s just that they are more philosophy because since they have no God they don’t recieve answers from God so they answer their questions logicly. Which I think that attracts most people.

  18. I was raised atheist/agnostic. I studied ZEN and I believe in ZEN. I am a Christian as well as a student of ZEN.
    It is a waste of time to seek enlightenment. I suggest you waste your time wisely. I suggest you release your anger at the belief of your parents.
    Pure water is empty of life. For life to exist the water must be clean, not pure.
    PS: The symbol on your head scarf was once the Marine Battle Flag of the Knights Templars. A group of Christian Knights who were not only Crusaders, they were the bankers to the Crusaders.
    Is the water clean?

  19. I LOVE Buddhism.
    It DOES feel right. I think a lot of people would be comfortable with it. The reason for that is that it teaches lack of rigidity while being disciplined.

  20. I read the bible and get something totally different from it. Being a Christian to me feels only right. I also grew up with “Christianity” and wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe because my family went to church but never practiced living a christian life. That is hypocrisy. Later in life, I became a Christian when I felt God’s presence and now there is nothing truer to me. Yes, the bible talks about hate, but it doesn’t teach hate. It reflects life with all the good and bad and gives a message of hope for those who want to accept the gift of Christ. Buddhism has wonderful teachings, no doubt about it, but it does not give me eternal life and forgiveness of my sins. If Buddhism is the only way for you, then why do you wonder about Christianity?

  21. If you choose to follow a false god, who’s dead, by the way, then that is your choice. No one says you HAVE to be a Christian. We simply tell you what the Bible says, and it is up to you. But, you already know what the Bible says, and you have rejected God’s word. That makes you even more accountable.
    You are being deceived. There are only 2 paths you can go by. The right path, leading to heaven and the promises God has made of an eternal life with Him, and the wrong path and the eternal damnation and punishment for rejecting Jesus Christ. You know both ways, and you have chosen the latter. No one can make you believe anything. I pray that you find your way back to the truth, before it’s too late. God Bless

  22. You go, whirlingmerc! Girl Wonder, I don’t believe in forcing things on people, but I really think that you should go back to being a Christian. You were probably taking what the Bible says in the wrong way, without praying about what you read. Christianity may feel wrong, but it you keep reading the New Testament and looking at the good it’s sure to do in your life, it will get a lot easier.

  23. What bible are you reading? The bible shows none of what you say. Inb fact the bible teaches the exact opposite. And don’t take the scripture so literal, its mostly metaphorical to show us a lesson. Buddha, muhammad, jesus, they all taught the same thing. Love your brother, live a good, and ethical lifestyle, and you will be rewarded.
    Don’t damn religions, its not gods fault, its mans fault. There is no right or wrong religion, only right and wrong people. And maybe you should read the bible again, maybe the koran too. Then you may not sound so ignorant.

  24. The devil has you.
    The hate in the Bible is Gods getting angry at those disobeying him. And you are saying to disobey Him is making you feel good.
    If the Bible you read is the King James one then your Bible problem is one of reading a bad and out of date Bible. King James was a strict catholic that did not want the Bible in english in England. But he could not stop them from being smuggled in. So he ordered his own made and ordered 400 words to be changed to totally different meanings (It even has “unicorn”s in it), and that no extra info was to be put at the bottom of the pages either. And since then over 1,100 other words have totally changed their meaning or their spelling.
    Get a modern Bible if you don’t already have one.
    Look for truth, not fiction.

  25. I too was raised Christian, and never understood any of it. I started practising Buddhism when I was about 17, and found that it increased my awareness and taught me to purge myself of all the desires (money, food, and all the other various pleasures) that can distract one from the truth. The problem was once I had “emptied” myself as the Buddhists recommend, my soul was then awaiting something tangible to “fill itself up” again. Buddhism could not provide the transcendant meaning that my soul was really thirsting for. It was at this time that I picked up the New Testament again and read it for what was really the first time. It was thanks to the Bhuddist training I had undergone that I was able to finally perceive what Christ was saying in the gospels, and to recognize the tremendous and awe inspiring truth that underlay his actions and words. It is true that much of what Christ says is uncomfortable, even painful, and I think this is what makes many of us incapable of accepting his words. Strangely enough it was the detachment I learned from Buddhism that made the uncomfortable parts of Christ’s message understandable. Buddhism is a technique that can open your spirit; Christ is the treasure that awaits the truly spiritual person. Buddhism tries to negate suffering, while Christ gives our suffering meaning and the promise of eternal life. I pray that your spiritual journey will one day lead you back to the enormous love and grace that Christ offers us.

  26. The nice thing about buddhism is that it does not require a belief in any manufactured god created in the likeness of man.
    One beauty of buddhism is that you can have a fufilling inner life while embracing scientific truths and not having to believe anyone’s mythology.

  27. well from what i learned, i feel that Christianity is wrong and buddhism is the better. I dont know much about hinduism but its a mixture of buddhism an another religion. Buddhism is the most peaceful religion.
    well you know what… if the rome empire never forced christianity on the other emipires they captured christianity would have never spreaded so fast. Lets just say if christianity never was forced on the people it would probably have died out or like a low % of the world population would follow it…
    really, when you learn about the history of the world and religion you can see that most of it (especially the monotheistic ones) is just a bunch of crap.
    thanks for your time.

  28. When it comes to a human derived philosophy of life, Buddhism is pretty good.
    But there is no salvation in being Buddhist. It is a “religion” where you try to achieve self-improvement, etc. through your own efforts, whereas true Christianity (which I doubt you were ever exposed to) is of such a nature that a person realizes that they can, by their own effort, never make themselves what they should be, any more than a gorilla can make himself a man. He can dress like a man, and try to emulate a man, but in the end, he is still a gorilla.
    Christianity is where one surrenders to the God who created him or her, and God makes the Christian over into what God wants; a Son of God.
    To many however, they want to achieve “perfection” on their own, hence so many religions like Buddhism.

  29. “Love thy neighbor” sounded hateful to you? I AM indeed curious as to the moral compass you are guided by!
    But all means, I encourage you to investigate religion thoroughly before deciding on your life-path.

  30. Well I will definitely respect your opinion, but I disagree. Being “raised” Christian has the potential to offer no lasting value. You may be taught the core foundations of the faith, but being a “Christian” is ultimately a personal choice which one needs to make. I would, however, like you to maybe clarify where you find this hate, hypocrisy, and unbelievable claims…as those are rather vague terms most non-believers make to the Christian doctrine. Also, take into consideration any presuppositions you had regarding Christianity. In other words can you HONESTLY….this is important….say that you read the Bible to gain understanding, or was it to prove it wrong. From your question it seems that you held a presupposition like ….this can’t be true because I don’t really want it to be true…True Christianity requires many adjustments one would need to make in life, and most people do not like that. Now I could try and explain to you why buddhism feels so right to you, but it would be Biblically based and probably would not interest you much. Now in regard to your statement of accepting Christianity may be right for me…well I don’t understand how people can make this objection. Both Christianity and buddhism contradict on every level of their doctrine. How could both possibly be right? It would seem to me it would be one or the other…Either Jesus is Lord or He isn’t…He cannot be Lord of me, and not of you…catch my drift? It’s amazing how different people are though. I mean I read the Bible and studied it, and found nothing but love, peace, and joy…Please post again with where you find hate and hypocrisy because I would love to try and clarify it for you.
    Take Care!

  31. I am glad you found something that works for you.
    I do have to agree that one of the disadvantages to Buddhism is that it teaches separation from life and its pleasures as a good thing.
    To each their own, enjoy.

  32. “Buddhism” advocates the spreading propaganda? Such as your statement:
    “I read the bible, and found nothing but hate, hypocrisies,”
    I guess “Buddhism” is a religion of hate mongering hypocrisies like you claim Christianity is?
    Intersting how the spreading of hate is ok, as long as you are not a Christian.
    Interesting indeed…

  33. Well, if in your eyes, God is an absolute ruler of all creations, Christianity is right. But if you think religion is to teach you how to live a good and better life according to any moral codes – Buddhism fits you well! As you can see, these two fundamental concepts are opposite to each other – that is why you feel contradicted!

  34. Seek the truth.
    If Christianity doesn’t feel right, then you haven’t yet understood what Christianity really is. You’re not alone because 99%+ of so-called Christians don’t really understand Christianity either. I can certainly see how the search for truth could lead one away from Christianity. If you see what so-called Christians seem to believe and how they sometimes behave, one could very easily reject the religion.
    However there is something very real, which Jesus taught to his disciples, and which transformed them into saints with mystical abilities. That is not the Christianity most people know about. It is the real Christianity, the “esoteric” Christianity, and it can be found if you know what you are looking for.
    Seek the truth, wherever that quest leads you.
    Once you find the truth (and you WILL find it if you are a sincere and persistent seeker) you may discover that you suddenly understand every major religion. Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity (especially Orthodoxy), Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Alchemy, Freemasonry, Yoga and other teachings essentially do not contradict each other. When properly understood, they affirm and supplement each other.
    Seek the truth. You will find it. It is expressed in different ways, in every religion. Only you can discern what is helping you to learn at a particular time. This is YOUR journey.

  35. the christian god deserves eternal hell by his own standards. his creation went horribly wrong by the bible’s standards. the flaw of christianity is that it is obsessed with perfection. god doesn’t care about perfection. life is a journey and we need to embrace living and learning through love as best as we can. sure we’ll stumble and make mistakes, and suffering will follow. god knows this and loves us anyway. suffering provides us a reason to reach out and help others. meaning and purpose is available on earth due to suffering. the christian myth of heaven will be void of purpose. since it will be perfect, there will be nothing to overcome, no one to help. bad reveals good. we need both good and evil to be able to recognize both. it is our mission though to seek and experience good. christianity loathes learning, and tries to scape goat the devil and man for god’s “flawed” creation which contains bad. christians, wake up and realize that people nor the myth of the devil created the possibility of evil. it is simply god’s only way to reveal how wonderful the good of reality is. i don’t need saving from hell. i simply just need opportunities to learn to experience and do more good. the hard fact is, bad and evil are the only ways to learn this. when i am in pain or suffering, i say, “thank you god for this opportunity to be challenged to choose love and do good. It is hard and only in hind sight do i realize how truly blessed i was. in the future i will become more aware of how peaceful and pleasurable the good times are. thank you for providing death as a way to escape suffering which is too much to bear. in the next life may i and others receive your grace and be able to learn and experience more good.”
    moreover, hell is not just. hell provides no opportunity to learn. punishment only serves a purpose if it tries to reform and educate the offender. endless punishment is sadistic torture. to worship such a god is hypocrisy. it requires ego-splitting. one must divide their conscience and divine source of love into separate compartments in one’s psyche to make hell seem just. why is it i can believe in most christian ethics, but not in christianity. the reason is because my conscience won’t allow it. i won’t deceive myself, and god wouldn’t want me to do so.
    when we meet god he will reveal this simple truth, “I’m not perfect. i value what is good and am very powerful. my one flaw is that there is no way for me to reveal my love except in the presence of evil. those of you who woke up, you came to realize this. life is a battle and when you are weary and tired i will provide sleep. just know that when experiencing your pain and observing other’s pain that i created it all because i had love to share. pain is essential to learning and experiencing greater levels of love, peace, and joy. some will have to experience pain. some will have to help others avoid and endure it. some will simply need to observe it to learn. through it all i was never angry at any of you, for anger is a form of hostile confusion. you all had what you thought were good reasons for choosing the wrong path. sometimes one particular life is not enough to learn from. if you feel cheated at times, believe me you are, and some way more than others. fear not, you will one day get to experience the good.”


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