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Why does almost every one thinks that Lord Buddha is a God who created the Universe?

Lord Buddha is a human being born from a human mother. Buddha isn’t a GOD , Buddha is a Great Teacher. And who in the hell thinks Buddha as a God?


  1. Only some one who does not clearly understand the definition of god can think that. I agree with you, Buddha wasn’t a god.

  2. I dont know where you got that idea. I’ve never heard of anyone saying Buddha was a god or the creator of the universe.

  3. Only the most ignorant person does not know that Buddha is no God and he is not worshiped.
    Give us a little credit for not being morons, please.

  4. I don’t…Buddha is not even a name but more like an adjective, given to him by children, that expounded his mental condition (Awakened One). Which he himself believed was the nature of all men.

  5. Well, probably because people from most theistic religious backgrounds find it difficult to imagine a religion which doesn’t have one or several gods in the centre of their doctrines. It probably doesn’t occur to them that this could be possible…
    Never mind.

  6. This seems to be a popular misconception among non-Buddhists. I believe it stems from them viewing Buddhist prostrations, offerings and misinterpreting that as a form of idolatry and worship.
    There are even Buddhists I have encountered (even on S&R) who have elevated the Buddha to a quasi-deity‚Äďa being “living” in some ephemeral world who grants prayers to his supplicants. So, why do some Buddhists have this belief? Ignorance, the need to cling to self, and superstition all come to mind. But, if this is their belief and it helps them (so-called Buddhists, that is) cope, it really causes no great harm.
    May all be at peace.

  7. Remembering that many of those who were originally exposed to the teaching of Buddhism were not able to read and so could not utilize the Pali Canon, nor did they have time to sit and listen to the recitation of the sutras.
    In some countries and cultures, originally Buddhism was only taught to the elite of the same society. Peasant and common laborers had to work and had no time for learning a philosophy offering “enlightenment” as they had to deal with serving their lord and master and trying to provide for their family and themselves.
    What they did hear, they embellished and twisted, distorted. Others may have manipulated the teachings of the Buddha for their own purposes such as controlling others.
    As and when Western culture began to influence the cultures, ideas from one belief system may have been incorporated into the existing ideas and understandings.
    In this manner, various sects of Buddhism arose.
    When the Westerners returned to their homelands, they may have misunderstood what they saw and heard so as to accidentally further this misinterpretation especially after seeing the large images of the Buddha and people making offerings and praying to the same.
    It is easy to see where this misunderstanding came from.
    May you be well.

  8. people who think he was a deity obviously didn’t do any research.
    Buddha = enlightened one
    I agree, Buddha is! a Great Teacher.


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