why does Aleister Crowley's voice give me the creeps?





my friend gave me a CD that has a bunch of old recordings of aleister crowley and I feel weird listening to him. especially when he isn’t speaking in english… o.O


  1. Aleister Crowley was a spiritualist and, as such, very deeply into the occult and mysticism. In fact, when people think about deep occultism, his name is the main one that crops up. In fact, he was called ‘the wickedest man in the world’ and this is what you can hear when you listen to his voice.
    ‘For out of the fulness of the heart the mouth speaks’ (Matt.12:34.
    What you are hearing is not so much his natural voice, but the spirit that is coming out of him. And it is not the Spirit of God. No, what you are hearing is an evil spirit and it appears that you have some discernment because you say it gives you the creeps. This is an entirely healthy reaction.
    So, let that be a warning to you. Don’t listen to anymore from him, nor from any other of his ilk, because if you do it will have a bad effect on you. You do not go into this sort of thing without getting a few free ‘cookies’ so, be warned, leave it alone. The occult never did anyone any good, feeding on people’s curiosity in order to get an inroad into them, that’s what it does.
    When he isn’t speaking in english? Hmm – do you mean, when he’s ‘speaking in tongues’? I’m not surprised you feel unwell, because demons can speak in tongues by their spirit power and counterfeit what the Holy Spirit does in most things. However, you know by your own spirit’s reaction which is the good and which is the evil. Do not override this ‘gut reaction’ – run, and don’t ever go back to listening to these things.

  2. it doesn’t matter
    give the CD back to your friend and say you’re not interested and that frankly the whole thing is creepy.
    that should get both the creepiness of CD and the creepiness of the “friend” out of your environment (either the friend will stop talking about this stuff around you or they will go away). in any case you will have less creepy stuff around you

  3. I have heard he recorded a few things.
    I have not heard them myself but I can defiantly imagine Uncle Al putting on a good show.

  4. I never knew about this guy until you said something about him.
    I’ve listened to him. Don’t worry. He creeps me out too.
    He sounds like a child molesting FDR.

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