Home Discussion Forum why does a near death experience change a person?

why does a near death experience change a person?

after they almost died they have a need to help others and don’t care about materialistic things why is that they become nicer?


  1. Experiencing death makes a person relies what they’ve been doing wrong. Sometimes ignorance can overwhelm you, but when you’re near death it’ll haunt your mind. They’re trying to make up for what’ve they haven’t or have done.

  2. I’m not an expert,but I can easily assume that if an atheist has a near death experience he realizes that death is not the end,that God may exist,and so this may change their point of vew of life.Theists who have a near death experience strengthen their faith.
    What you see in a near death experience is totally from a new dimension,things you can’t see in the world we live now,and are hard to describe.So they gain a better understanding of the universe.I’ve heard the story of a woman who was depressed after a near death experience,because she was forced to live in this world after she has seen the beauty of the other world in the near death experience.

  3. I’m sure that there can be numerous viewpoints on this subject…
    I can simply give you one that I feel is relevant and happen to know is a major chunk of some of these cases…
    A ‘near death experience’ will give an individual an extremely up close and personal understanding of just how temporary and fleeting life can be…. how rapidly it can end… and it will cause one to assess the life that they have had to that point…and evaluate what it has been and what they have actually done and not done with the time they have been given….
    The simple thought of death… turns into a real concept OF it… on an extemely personal level…. And, this will usually cause one to begin a new effort to bring much more meaning to the time that they have… in terms of what good they can get accomplished… for themselves as well as others….
    ☼ ////

  4. Makes them realize how much they should value life because it can come and go just like that.
    They become selfless because they want to help people see what they see, so that they don’t make the same mistakes.
    That’s why we should enjoy every moment with all you got.

  5. I had a near death experience. Didn’t change my views on anything at all, just made me realize not to swim underneath waterfalls and made me shaky for a little while.
    I didn’t get a life flashing before eyes thing or anything, I just realized, “Oh crap, if no one helps me, I’m gonna die!” Luckily I was saved right before being pulled under the water..


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