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Why do you think most people are changing their spiritual beliefs?

Since being here on yahoo (2007) I have noticed that more and more people are asking questions related to the pagan path of spirituality. This includes Wicca, Asatruar, Eclectics, Greek – Egyptian pantheon, as well as the rise in Agnostics/Theists/Pantheists/Atheists. Not all are teenagers or young people, but actual spiritual seekers. People looking for the answers of the enlightened.
Why do you think this is? Have they begun to see the reality of life? Something more accepting and fulfilling? A belief without fear? Technology? New discoveries in Anthropology and Archeology? Bad experiences with their previous beliefs? What do you feel is the reason for the “shift” of consciousness for them as well as yourself?
Dearest Christians, I am glad you are happy with your beliefs, but this is a serious question and it has nothing to do with your bible or your church, so please refrain from copy and paste scripture (no one actually reads them anyway) or the threat of hell is above most of us and do not take it seriously. We are searching for the real reason of converting to another belief outside the consensus of what is considered the “norm”.
Well, excuse me of the Abrahamic faith how about those that left paganism to follow your path? I have only met a few and have seen a few on here. But, during my time here I have noticed an increase in the interests of the pagan paths and was wondering why they would leave a “truth” based religion for a more “freeing” path. What social stigmas have made them change? What do you believe is the influence in their sudden interest in the pagan spirituality?
Alorer, I meant no disrespect to the teens that are on this topic. The reason I said such was because the stereotyping that most give to preteens that are all into the “vamp/goth/or fantasy” of the beliefs we share as pagans. I did not one anyone to throw that out saying “Their all kids doing this” or something to that effect. I wanted them to take this seriously rather than throw here say and misinformation. bb dear one


  1. Anything to turn away from the True God.
    What makes me happy is not what matters, but what is true. Seek the truth, not what makes you feel good.

  2. You said that most people are changing their beliefs. No, most people aren’t. Just a handful on yahoo answers is what your seeing.
    You also said that nobody reads the scriptures that are posted by Christians here……..are you sure about that. You seem to think you know a whole lot more than you probably do. Do you really know what most people and everyone is doing?

  3. the world is getting smaller in a communications sense. no more killing heretics for not being apart of a religion they never had the fair chance to even hear of.

  4. As a Christian I think that most of the people that do convert away from Christianity, and there are not very many, are doing so due to a lack of true experience with God. If you had God to completely heal you from cancer or aids, you would know beyond anything that He was real. But most churches have gotten into this prosperity nonsense that noone is really having a true connection to God. Most non-Christians will become Christian because of other CHristians. I think if people would just stop thinking that they are bigger than God and would just allow Him to do what He can do, then more people would become and/or stay Christians.

  5. Umm… I am a teenager and actual seeker. Please don’t offend young people. Age matters not when coming to spirituality.
    I think because nowadays, societies are more accepting and open of different midnsets and possible religious and spiritual beliefs. Thus more people are “free” to explore new possibilities, new beliefs, new theories of spiritual enlightenment. Also, given that we are all unique, it is logical and only natural that we simply cannot all be satisfied and fulfilled in one signle religion/way, no matter how many denominations it may have. I hope this answers your questions.

  6. People want to believe that they have power in and of themselves. That there is something special that they possess. Christians understand that nothing we are no great gifting comes from us but is available to us through the Holy spirit. As much they may protest people do want to believe in the mystic. An atheist may be dead set against there being a Father in the sky but read his horoscope daily. What does this say is it a disbelief or rebellion against authority?

  7. I haven’t seen a noticeable shift towards anything except atheism, and previously a (disturbing) trend for a time towards Islam. There’s always been pagan questions here as far as I can remember, and likely always will be.
    Assuming there’s reality to your claim, however, perhaps it could be related to the obvious fallacy of organized religion? It’s such a corrupt and disturbing concept that I’m genuinely shocked churches can still stay together.
    The part that makes me saddest is the people at the bottom are usually inherently good people, and are being abused by the scum at the top of the food chain… Most (MOST) Christians are good people at their core, while they have backwards beliefs… Perhaps that’s simply becoming more and more common knowledge?

  8. The internet has brought about the dawn of true information availability… so that rather than relying upon local resources alone, people can find out things that they had no chance of knowing before.

  9. I think all it really comes down to, is the fact that we feel we can actually ask those questions now.
    In the past, it just wasn’t as acceptable to question religion.
    Oh, and I don’t know that it’s so much that people are actually changing what they believe, or if it’s just that they are starting to become more comfortable with actually expressing their true feelings.
    Many people will say they are of a given faith when they really are agnostic or atheist for example, simply to avoid arguments with friends and family.

  10. The neo-pagan religions do have me interested. I was trying to find out why they’re becoming more popular, but apparently neo-pagans are ubersensitive when it comes to talking about their religion. Still, someone did explain to me that they converted to neo-paganism because there are still lots of unexplained things in this world that seem connected to the supernatural, and they wanted to explore that. As a naturalist, I would disagree with them; but I fully support them and I look forward to what they have to offer to society.
    The reason that Agnostics/Theists/Pantheists/Atheists are also on the rise are that the mainstream religions such as Christianity and Islam are starting to be cast off as more and more people find holes in them due to advances in science and humans being more free to question religion. They are also far too restrictive- people want more spiritual freedom.
    I think there are lots of reasons with this aggregate shift in beliefs, and I’m not really qualified to talk about all of them in detail. All I can say is that I’m pleased!

  11. Sorry to see that you are getting so much Christian blah, blah here sister. It seems that the fear that they have is rising and we are seeing the reaction on their part to the fear with their knee-jerk reactions to a perfectly reasonable question and request that they respect others beliefs in this discussion.
    People are asking questions because they too feel that there is something terribly wrong with current Christianity and the attitudes of it’s followers. Humans are natural seekers when it comes to spiritual things and it is natural that they ask questions and seek answers to those questions. Because Christianity causes more questions than answers and they are told to not question the status quo. To 90% of humanity that is a red flag that something is WRONG with the belief system that Christianity and Islam is selling to it’s followers.
    Believe, follow or die and live in torment is not the way to gain followers and keep a religion alive. It is the way to kill it off and drive it out of existence.

  12. Not too proud of yourself, eh? lol People have to do what’s right for them. And that can include both leaving and converting to Christianity.

  13. well, many reasons contribute to this
    education, spiritual understanding, understanding of self, journey of self, freedom of and from religion/beleifs/spirituality,
    and many people i think feel the pagan path stronger than others because to me, as a pagan , so maybe a bit biased, its the closest to nature, earth, existence, and universal energy, and spirituality

  14. I think that more people are unwilling to accept something just because a priest/preacher/minister tells them this is the way it is and this is the truth. Hopefully, people are starting to think more critically and not just accept things because someone of “power” says so. Ever since science has started to predominate the way we think, and has repeatedly shown us the answers to things we did not understand before, people have started to question other things as well, including religion. Granted, there are still far too many people out there that will dismiss science in the name of religion. I am Wiccan, so I do believe in a higher power, but I am not afraid in the slightest to come out and say that sometimes religion (in general, not just mine or Christianity or any other religion) just doesn’t make any sense.
    And as for one of the previous answers who wanted proof that people are moving away from Christianity, here it is:

  15. With the right methods and efforts man can acquire control of
    consciousness, and can become conscious of himself with all that it implies. And what this implies, we in our present state, can not even imagine.

  16. People are starting to realize that we are not the uneducated fools that we were in the middle ages.
    Many people, particularly amongst monotheistic religions, are getting tired of answers of the “take it on faith” kind that their leaders give. If they honestly had the answers they would give them.
    Those disenchanted folks are seeking belief systems that make sense to them; paths that they feel is right for them.
    This is one reason that the Pagan religions are the fastest growing religions in the world right now.
    People want answers, not promises that they feel are empty combined with prejudice and hate.
    Many, who believe in the effectiveness of science and scientific application, realize that the Pagan Paths, while religion are, in fact, scientific principle applied to their questions and to how to understand the world.
    I am no kid and I found this path after (literally) decades of seeking a path that made sense, that could address the tough questions and not shunt them aside in place of answering them.


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