Why do you think being nasty to someone makes you feel bad after??

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how do you turn negative to positive energy you think?
stop from feeling this negative feeling?
if you try and ignore, they just keep on like you are breaking the law or something.
why is that?
Thanks for your answers!

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I don’t feel bad afterwards. If I was nasty, I was nasty for a reason.


Hm, maybe because you just made someone else feel like a loser?!


deep inside you KNOW you were wrong…

Jackie J

remember that people are mean to one another due to insecurity and inferiority


I love being nasty to nasty people. Serves them right!


You feel bad because you know how the person on the receiving end would feel.
The ones who don’t are stupid, and this is a lack of respect.


Guilt Sucks,if i smell a flower when my mom said not to i have a nervous breakdown


Because you are ashamed of yourself. You don’t have to be nasty to handle a situation.

mr. big hair

I feel terrible if I have been nasty to somebody just because I know that they didn’t do anything to deserve it. But I am a nice guy, i usually don’t get mad at people. Unless they hit a girl or something.


It never feels good to be mean…you always think it will but then when you finally say just what you’ve been wanting to, you feel like crap.


if i was nasty to sumone i ment to do it
then i dnt feel bad
because for me to be nasty then they must have done sumthink to really annoy me
but if i know i ahev been nasty to them for no reason then i would feeel bad

Sadi's Sexy Muffins

maybe cause that person didn’t deserve it
only way to change negative energy into
positive is by learning from it and moving on


i agree with stiffy some persons are rude so i must be nasty with them and i Will not regret


consider the source, and don’t let them get to you, and be glad that your nothing like those people, there’s a few haters up in here who keeps sending hate mail, and making comments about my parents, I guess its there way of getting back at me for an answer I gave, but It doesn’t phase me a bit, actually I find them very funny , mostly because they are like 40 something arguing with a 16 year old, don’t worry about it, those type of people are angry at the wold and want everyone to be as miserable as they are , so take it as a good thing that your nothing like them

Georgia C

as the lion king once said ” we are all connected in the grate circle of life” human beings are social creatures. If you do wrong to somebody, a part of your brain (dating from monkeys) will make you feel guilt, this is done so that you (the naked ape) can renew bonds and heighten your chances of having a healthy social life. Monkeys rarely forget cruelty, especially in their clan, so this behaviour will make a monkey “sorry” for the pain it caused an other monkey, an there fore have a much safer and healthier life.
I think that all “normal” humans feel guilt, and that it is one of the most natural emotions. A person who never feels any guilt for causing others suffering is abnormal, and possibly has something seriously wrong with them.
In giving negativity, you will never get positivity.
say that you are sorry and make mends. That is all I can say for the moment.


You have a conscience.


Quite often we are angry at ourselves for losing our temper, and feeling that we made a fool out of ourselves, especially if we think we went over the top a bit.
But if I think my anger was justified…I never feel ashamed about it.

Me & Mr Jones.

Inside i was wrong but HELL no am i going to admit it.

Call Me Flap

It doesn’t it depends. Like today, I don’t feel bad because I was nasty the other person was nasty


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