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Why do you suppose people blame Kundalini for pain and say it can be dangerous when the only pain felt is the ?

shattering of old conditioning that is being held on to that is not caused by Kundalini but stopping it from rising?
Thanks Sun-girl. : )


  1. Because if it used incorrectly, it can cause damage, this is due to its immense power and force – if this is used with proper respect and correctly, there is nothing dangerous about it.
    A little knowledge can be dangerous it is said.
    When people are told all about Kundalini and how wonderful it is, but without proper and thorough understanding, study and practice, therein lies the possibility of danger.
    If old conditioning is falling away, people may feel uncomfortable or they may feel immense relief.. if there is pain, perhaps they were rushed through the process.
    When we teach, we hold immense responsibility within our hands.
    We must remain humble.
    Not rush forward to inform the world, but slowly approach and remain mindful that as we teach, so do we learn.
    Blessed Be

  2. lack of understanding and compassion maybe
    maybe ppl think tht Kundalini and the Kundalini awakened ppl are wrong because they themselves have never known awakening
    God knows anyway!!

  3. In Chetanaananda’s discourse(NOT very scholarly) there is NEITHER Chetanam>>Chaitanyam NOR Aanandam.In the Classics itself, it is mentioned,when the Kundalini pierces and rises through Brahma Granthi(knot),Vishnu Granthi(behind heart) and Rudra Granthi-narrow-(behind Adam’s Apple) (“Brahama/ Vishnu/ Rudra Granthi Bibhedhini”) the pain will be increasing in the order and when Kundalini crosses through Rudhra Granthi,the pain will be so much,for an inexperienced one, it may be even fatal. It is Not advisable for everybody to indulge in it, without guidance from a proper GURU.I do not think there is a well informed Guru now.There may (perhaps) be ONE Guru,who will NOT cross the 3 seas/ocean sorrounding Indian Peninsula and Himalaya in the North.

  4. When I was a teenager I saw people who went through this & ended up having what was called nervous breakdowns. They lost control, they ended up in mental hospitals, drugged & controlled by force..this is what people who talk about pain are probably referrring to which is when it happens before a person can handle it…I have educated myself so much that I know how to heal but also that it is okay to trust the process & make sure it slows down if I am not ready to handle it…I am the driver of the car so if the car is speeding up too fast it is up to me to slow it down. It is a danger to lose control & to be forced to take drugs. Some people are OK with that I suppose but that is not the life that feels right to me so for you it might not be dangerous but for someone else it is not the way they want to manage the risk in their life. So it is just a matter of taste, preference.

  5. I learned the hard way…..Ouch ouch ouch, hot hot hot!
    In the West, perhaps we don’t have a mainstream understanding of the awakening process, as a result we tend to make mistakes. Myself…I had no idea what was going on during my meditations, so I didn’t consider the possibility that pain or life-altering force(s) were available to me.
    It was years after-the-fact, before I even realized what I’d experienced. (fortunately, I found people like yourself, James and Sunman, who walked me through the process of understanding my own mistakes, and I thank you gentlemen dearly for it.)
    Krishna spoke very well about the over-sensitization of the physical body’s nervous system and the ramifications there of. The following, was written about Krishna, and these words explain “one” of my own rather un-desireable experiences with Kundalini.
    “It occurs to him finally that perhaps what has gone amiss with his Kundalini awakening is that this mysterious and vastly powerful force has arisen up his spine through the wrong channel (along the Pingala nerve rather than the proper Ida nerve), almost burning him alive, and he finds relief only through stimulating the Ida nerve which in effect polarizes and balances the fire with cold”.
    Many folks don’t have teachers, and sometimes the best and only teacher available, is the experience of having been thrown into the fire.
    May we all Share Peace and Healing.

  6. I think that people misunderstand why the pain may happen. The pain doesn’t have to happen if the person is experienced in chakra work and actually takes the time to learn the safe ways of doing it. Just like most things, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might hurt yourself.
    I also am of the opinion that the kundalini rising technique should not be used to blast away things we don’t want to deal with that might be blockages in our other chakras. I think that before ever using the technique, one should work on all their chakras, trying to get them as balanced as possible first.
    It’s sort of like using shock therapy to get rid of painful memories and experiences instead of going to a therapist and talking it out. The kundalini energy is there to empower us, not painfully strip away our blockages.


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