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Why do you remember people?

This may seem like a silly question but I’m interested in finding out what aspects of a person (i.e. personality, character, appearances, etc.) makes you remember them? Why have they left a strong impression? A few (or many) years or a few months could pass. The person remembered could also be outgoing or quiet or somewhere in the middle. Is it true that nobody is ever forgotten — it’s just that that the “long lost memory” is lodged in the subconscious mind? My mom bumped into my first grade teacher in the 90s and she remembered me after like 20 years! What does everybody think?


  1. I believe that the people we remember the most are those that have had a positive impact on our lives. The people who gave us love, joy and beauty.

  2. A teacher wouldn’t surprise me because she invests 9mo. with a child. Impressions are made for all kinds of reasons – pos. and neg. Those who have hurt may have made a “nick” upon our memory. However, those who have shown kindness have touched us , deeply, sometimes. Little favors even make the “greatest hits” list with me, sometimes. Firsts linger; trauma; smells and places have associations with peo., too. I remember at 8, an 11 yr. old trying to teach me rythm to dance; Richard trying to apply an “Indain burn”; Kenny’s clutch of 7 lizard eggs.
    The 1st was a first female attention.
    The 2nd was the boy’s determined meaness.
    The 3rd was the boy’s gleeful sharing of a mystery.
    There’s so much more, Isn’t there?

  3. I could never forget my writing teacher in college.He was considered the most notorious teacher for embarrassing students and making them cry in class.He was the kind of teacher who would give you either a grade of 1.0 for an excellent work or 0.0 for unsatisfactory performance and boy..no negotiations and strictly no compromise.
    Yes, he was the “the Devil wears Levi” at school.Just the sight of him makes everybody scampers away like terrified rats.Everybody hates him and couldnt wait the day when one could get hold of a dagger and pierce his stone cold heart..Yet despite all the negative attributes about him,i was perhaps the only crazy girl in class who loves and adores him.And even after more than 8 years, i still hold him dear to my heart…And while im writing this, i smile and remember him and I’d probably will never forget him for the rest of my life.


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