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Why do you need to sleep on your tarot deck?

I always imagined it to be because when you’re unconcious, you can’t control what energies you send to the card – so the deck is getting to know your real aura, than what you pretend to be.


  1. Your aura doesn’t pretend, it just is. The mind pretends, but you can’t hide the aura. My guess for sleeping on the tarot deck would be for getting and keeping your energy in the cards. But really, you don’t NEED to sleep on them.

  2. you don’t have too.
    supposedly it’s so the deck can receive your spiritual energy, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
    i just shuffle my deck a lot and that works just as well in my opinion.
    i will admit i did it with my first tarot deck and i had some pretty crazy dreams.

  3. Its a common practice when you first buy a deck to align it with your own energy.
    The following website has some great info for a beginner, there are sections on Bonding and Cleansing:-
    Apparently, also sleeping with your tarot cards under your pillow can cause you to have rather vivid dreams.


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