• I don’t know that answer but I would be careful with magick. I don’t feel it is necessary to do all of these things to achieve anything. Things that are so simple are made so complicated. We all have the ability to contact the spiritual realms. Meditation is all that is needed.

  • Magick does not need any items. The items are for you to get in the right “mood” and focus to use your own energy and the energy around you to do your will.

    You can do “witchcraft” by meditation.

  • The tools used in magic are just to help you focus your intent, there is no real need for them.

    As long as you have focus and intent, you don’t need any tools what so ever, but you are welcome to use what you want to help you along in your magical workings.

  • Who said it does? Those are simply tools to help one focus. I happen to be bipolar and I love chakra meditation….it simply isn’t “enough” for my monkey mind to shut up long enough. So I use tools to help. BTW, I don’t use a sword or staff. I use candles, maybe a dagger, and the elements. Nothing more. How much one uses is relevant to the individual.

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