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Why do you care about global warming and the end of the world if…..?

you’re never going to see the end of the world by global warming, even if tomorrow everyone started throwing trash into lakes and rivers people would still be able to survive for many centuries. after some time life standars would go down but why do we care if we’re not even going to be alive to see it.
to all you tree hugging hippies i ask you: how many centuries are you planning to live that you worry so much about the environment?
just let the next generations worry about it, why should we lose or comforts, like driving big cars or having fur jackets of really rare animals


  1. wow you have a basic brain, what about your children? and your grand children, you are probably 12 (or retarded) that is why you only care for what your sorry @ss is going to see.

  2. You really think it’s going to take that long?
    Cause I’m giving it 30 years… give or take a few..
    We’ve screwed the planet.. it’s our fault, so you better Fu.ck.ing care about it

  3. umm yeah. there are people who are going to be living after us and think about the food chain, animals die off and shit.. and thats a big part of this life.

  4. Global warming is happening FAST. people who live up north have to constantly move their towns south to avoid flooding. Water levels are rising, ice is disappearing, and by not doing anything about it, you’re condemming your grandchildren to death. That’s right, your grandchildren. That’s how fast global warming is happening. Maybe if you would read the news you would know more of this.

  5. actually if you see what is happening is that we are not going to live more than 50 years, why? because the icebergs are melting down to an altitude that will make the water go upper than a montain which will drown us, all of the “natural” disasters are not natural because everything we have been doing has affected the environment causing tornadoes where there hasn’t been one, it’s causing earthquakes AND A LOT OF THINGS THAT WE CANNOT PREDICT, so if you want to keep doing damage to the environment think it twice, this is a concern for everybody not just hippies as you call people who actually think of consecuences, see the facts and what is going on with our world, this has nothing to do with the sun, it has always been in the same place and it’s us that we are doing the damage to the ozone, this is why global warming is happenning, so before you talk realize that is too close and we have to act now


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