I know alot of people like myself believe in reincarnation but no one has anyone ever asked me why. So my question to you guys is why do you believe it to be true? Does anyone of you out there have stories or know of someone who you believe maybe reincarnated?


  • I do.
    I feel like i have been reincarnated so many times with my sister. And I see her everytime. But we are never born sisters ever since the 1st time we were born.
    We have been through alot. Most of it is my fault and 4 this I am sorry.
    -timeless lost sister.

  • I believe in reincarnation because it seems more logical to me than living a single life full of non stop ups and down (for the majority of people) and then dying, and then sinking back into the dirt of the earth. There is so much in this world and it is common knowledge that you can not learn it all in one life time. (Hahaa, think about that last statement. It just occurred to me that it was ironic. Common knowledge…..cannot all be learned in one life time…. See it?) I think why should we not have the opportunity to learn it all since it is there? We will require MANY lifetimes to learn it all.

  • i guess i just have this theory that there’s this big recycling bin somewhere and that people can’t be as unique as they think they are, so people just keep going to the bottom of this recycling bin and slowly make their way back to earth… which is totally weird because i’m an atheist

  • I know reincarnation WAS in the bible until the fifth Century.

    Then the powers that be at that time decided to remove it, lots of people believe in it, and so do I.

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