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Why do you believe in: global warming, astrology, spirits, or that the Democrats are the party that CARES?


  1. What the Democrats really care about are Bribes and kickbacks. Case in point, the EPA-OBD II Vehicle Emissions Law that was passed during the Clinton Administration makes it illegal for any Gasoline Powered Vehicle in the USA from 1996 to the present to emit too little polluting Exhaust Emissions ! All such Vehicles are required to run at 14.7 Parts of Air to 1 Part of Fuel. Any change whatsoever, even if Emissions are lowered, will result in a failed Vehicle Inspection ! I tried to ask Al Gore why, at His Site http://www.climatecrisis.net and He would not Reply ! Maybe You can try ? Also, go to http://energy21.freeservers.com/bookrep.html and read through all of it. Whether or not You believe in Global Warming, apparently those that do are such Hypocrites that they don’t dare Question the EPA-OBD II Law since it was approved by their Hero, Al Gore !

  2. Global warming is real, astrology is amusing, spirits are real and the Democrats are just a different flavor of shit from the Republicans. Have a nice day.

  3. I believe in global warming because of all the proof I’ve seen.
    Astrology is just amusing..not something I believe in.
    Spirits I have seen. So has many others.
    As for Democrats, anyone who is in office only cares about filling their pockets. That’s why they always give themselves raises, give the rich tax breaks. And raise taxes for the poor. Yeah that makes sense. You have a ton of money why should you pay taxes? WE’ll make that poor guy who can barely afford to eat pay them.


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