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Why do you believe in Astrology?

Please don’t get on the defensive, I’m writing a paper for my Philosophy class on what is necessary for belief and want some input.
Was there a personal experience that made you believe? Is it because others you know hold the same thoughts? Are you more casual and just believe for fun?


  1. I don’t.
    It has been shown to be completely useless and fictitious. The people who use it can’t even explain to you how it supposedly works. It is udder rubbish.

  2. I do not believe in astrology. I did at one time. This is because I was born into a very superstitious family. I used to be a semi professional astrologer and tarot reader. I discovered that the people I was trying to help with it were using it to stop them from moving forward in life.
    Later I examined both and discovered that it was all cold reading.
    One of the points you need to clarify is the difference between ‘belief’ and ‘Belief’. ‘Belief’ is a far more formalised and structured set of beliefs. This would be something like a belief in a god or astrology. It has more implications to a person’s life than say, believing that yellow is a nice colour.
    Another very important aspect of belief is it is not a choice. No one can choose to believe something, it is an outcome of learning. Learning is a fusion of environment and circumstances.
    Here is an experiment:
    Tomorrow, for just one day, choose to believe (and here I mean really believe not fake) that you are a very different religion. Say, if you are a Christian believe you are an atheist and Visa-a-verse.
    We can, however choose to examine our beliefs. That is the action I took when I chose to examine my belief in astrology and tarot. Even that was triggered by events.
    I hope this is useful.

  3. I believe in astrology because I believe in the forces of all energy. There are certain energies that keep the planets in constant rotation, there are energies which are absorbed by the planets. Let’s face it, if we can absorb vitamin D from the sun…why can’t we absorb energies from other astrological facets? There is a lot of truth to the various ways the planets impact human nature.
    If nothing else convinced me in my life, I will credit standing next to the ocean. As I approached the water line, I could literally sense the force holding back the waves. My sister was never a believer in the ways a full moon impacts behavior until she became a nurse in an alzheimer’s ward. People who had no way of knowing when it was a full moon, or intentionally modifying their behaviors—exhibited behaviors quite strange to their “normal” state. Ultimately, I think the belief stems from a person’s desire to understand and comprehend it. Your mind is only able to receive what you open it up to receive.

  4. I think there is some basis of truth to it. I don’t know to what degree however. I think certain people do have certain characteristics and the stars and all can help explain that. I like to read my horoscope a bit and sometimes it is true and sometimes it does not. Maybe some would say its a coincidence and some would say its divine order. I think astrology helps us answer questions about the world around us and when we are uncertain it can be a good thing to look to. My Grandmother used to read her horoscope at the end of the day just to see if it came true. Sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn’t. If it wasn’t she would say it must have been for someone else. I sometimes do that and every year on my birthday I read and cut out the “If today is your birthday” and tape it in my diary. It is neat to read from time to time. There are people who take it really really seriously. I think there is some truth to it but not to the extent that I allow it to rule me instead.

  5. Astrology is not a belief system.
    It is a tool.
    When your weatherman says there is a 70% chance of rain, you take your umbrella. The weather report is a tool.
    When your astrologer says that you have Transiting Uranus moving through your 5th house and squaring your natal Sun for the next three months … then (if you are of child-bearing age) you are very careful to use your birth control properly … unless you actually want a surprise pregnancy (statistically significant reliability here!). A tool.
    And like all good tools, you should never let it replace your good judgment. If the weatherman said 20% chance of rain, and you looked out the window and it was pouring … you’d be a fool not to take your umbrella because, after all, he SAID ….


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