Home Discussion Forum Why do wushu and tai chi practitioners always wear satin?

Why do wushu and tai chi practitioners always wear satin?


  1. They usually wear silk not satin. Silk is very light and extremely strong per thread. If someone is wearing satin it is probably because it looks a bit like silk and is much cheaper.

  2. It’s not satin, it’s silk. And it is not just martial artists who wear silk.
    Before the invention of air condition, most people in Asia if they can afford it would wear silk clothing because silk keeps you cool in the hot humid summer and it keeps you warm in the cold winter. It does this without sticking or binding to your skin even if you perspire.
    It also is relatively strong, does not restrict your movements and it looks good, too.
    It is hard for those of us who live in the air condition age to understand just how uncomfortable it is to live or do anything without a/c, but people did and this is one of the ways.

  3. aside from keeping you cool most practitioners wear them for looks. “silk pajamas” as there known take the sharp lines off the body , joints like the elbows, knees and shoulders. this makes the forms look smoother and flow better. being lightweight it also stops your clothing from inhibiting your movements, each move in the form has a contraction and expansion which flows seamlessly from one move to the next. tight clothing can break the flow of your movements.


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