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Why do women expect nice guys to "settle" for them after they have been with jerks?

Ive noticed that all women like men who are jerks to them because they are “exciting” while nice guys are “boring”. Is this the reason a nice guy cant ever get laid? And the worst part is if a nice guy does get laid its with some used up old “hag” who is settling down after being with a jerk. Why do nice guys have to put up with getting last years model?


  1. Get some plastic surgery done maybe you will look better! May be you need to improve in a certain department! Just step your came up! Try to improve yourself no one wants someone who always complains!

  2. Improper attitude! First of all being nice and being boring are two different things. For that matter being a jerk and being exciting are two different things as well. Most important, if you call women “hags” and “last years model” you are not a nice person.
    Up your hotness and choose your women well and treat them with respect. When they’re in the mood they’ll be more inclined to think of you.
    Click on the link and learn from an old song.

  3. That’s quite a generalization.
    Some guys like b!itchy women, but I never have. Once I went on a date with a beautiful woman who had anger management issues. A few minutes after picking her up, I realized it would be a bad night. I found a cab with his “available” light on, and paid him $25 to drive that harpy home, or wherever she wanted to go. Then, I went to a friend’s house and had a nice evening.
    There are nice gals out there, they just take a while to find.

  4. Eww, no, I don’t go out with douchebags. A douchebag is actually the boring one. He might be sexy (they’re usually not) but you can’t hold a conversation with someone who just wants to shag all the time. Oh god, the chafing *shudders*
    There are plenty of nice guys who get decent girls. They’re the ones that go out of their way to be nice AND sociable.
    This question implies that you see yourself as one of the nice guys and you can’t get a girl. Perhaps if you made the effort to talk to women instead of complaining about how we’re all the same and all like jerks, you might find yourself a nice girl.

  5. Work on you self-esteem man. Trust me, if you think any girl who wants you is the left over trash no one else wants, it’s a reflection of your self-esteem.
    I’m speaking from personal experience here. The ones who are right here right now, ready to date you, seem like a poison gas cloud to run away from in mortal terror. And then the out of reach ones have that magical glow. And you just don’t get why that is. It’s actually self centered when you think about it, a girls worth depends on if she likes you or not, albeit a negative self-centeredness.


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