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Why do white women, especially the old hags, love to hate NE Asian women?

I have this crazy old white lady that walks on my lawn with her dog or send her kids to ask for money from me all the time. I think she is very jealous of me because she is very plain looking and is intimidated by me. I’m thinking about calling the police on her. I have noticed envy is rampant amongst middle aged to older white women towards NE Asian women. NE Asia includes northern China, Korea and Japan.


  1. Maybe some women get tired of you imitating them and following them around like dogs? In general, Asian women are jealous of white women, so they are mean and petty. I don’t see white women getting slant eyed surgery and mushing our faces in.

  2. Yes, middle aged to older caucasian women have entrenched stereotypes in their mind leftover from their korean war/vietnam war dads. And these women were exposed to the first wave of asians immigrating to this country which probably left a bad impression on them. And the film and television they grew up on didn’t portray asians in the best light.

  3. In your other question, you hated on Asian women, so don’t be a hypocrite. It is very clear that you think you are superior because you are Asian, implying that Caucasian women are “very plain looking” and are “intimidated by” you. You should notice your OWN envy.
    ps. I am Asian. Don’t hate.

  4. Its clear ‘Jessica’ -probably not even her real name, is a hater and racist. No one wants to imitate arrogant white women. Why do white women complain they’re so white and need ‘color’ so get a tan every summer? LOL She probably never had an asian woman for a friend either because she can’t get her jealousy out of the way. What a loser. Btw, not every asian women has eye surgery, thats the rant of a lunatic.
    fallins.up13: you’re probably a jealous white woman too lol


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