Why do we continually subject ourselves to asking and answering questions that no one truly knows the answer to? No one will ever know the answers to spiritual questions until we die, so why do we ask? Why do we answer? Is it really a matter of ego-tism? If you’re athiest and your right, will it really matter? If you’re Christian and you’re right, will you be able to brag? If you are of the mentality that “Haha, I was right” will you still get into “heaven”? What is really the point?


  • There is no point. Who cares? Does it really matter when the crapola comes down? No. We got bigger, stinkier fish to fry – matters that do matter that no one pays attention to becuase they are to busy trying to get someone else to agree with them. Sad really. Meanwhile, people are dying.

  • Human beings are built to ask questions. At least up to a certain age. When you philosophise and ask about the unknown, you grow. Growth is a part of life that leads to greater understanding. When dealing with Ultimate Questions, such as Divinity, God, Time, and other infinites, we challenge ourselves to find greater meaning in our lives. Without that, existence is nothing more than the nine to five wake up, eat, excrete, sleep, mundane life.

  • inner peace comes to us in many ways. who are you to question? just live your life and allow others to do the same.

  • They say a wise man is one who gets just the slightest glimpse of how much there is to know. A man’s reach should exceed his grasp. We all have our quests. That’s why life is a trip—whether you ever finally “get it” or not.

  • I’m here because I truly like to communicate with other people on both sides of the aisle about their ideas concerning faith and belief-or no faith or belief. It’s not always enjoyable, but every now and then someone surprises me with a really good, insightful, question or answer. As for the “Haha” thing- not my style.

  • I answer what I think and what I believe is right. For me my answers are always the right ones because these answers are what I stand for and what I believe is real.

  • Its just the way of men! We constantly want to know and educate ourselves and bet you what we don’t know we will strive to know! Thats just our curious nature!

  • Because it’s bleeding in to politics and I don’t want to have to move to Sweden to avoid being theocratically opressed.

  • Well, I disagree with your assumption that we are asking questions that we cannot know the answer to. If we don’t ask the questions, we certainly won’t find any answers whether the questions are scientific or spiritual.

  • because
    we know so little
    we need to learn
    and its fun too
    the consciousness survives
    those with fear will take longer to adapt than those who know love

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