Home Discussion Forum Why do we see the Egyptian belief systems as merely another religion?

Why do we see the Egyptian belief systems as merely another religion?

i think it was more than this. it was a spiritual technology.
the temples contained the highly complex fibonacci series and other geometric and mathematic principles aimed at the replication of divinity as seen in observing those same principles in nature. the human body is a representation of these divine proportions and thus the temple of Amun at Karnak directly corresponds to a human body in proportion. the temple IS the body in a sense. the most sacred place in the temple of Karnak corresponds to the center of the human head or brain where the pineal gland is located. the pineal is long thought by philosphers such as descarte to be the seat of consciousness.they knew that consciousness, or mans attentive faculty, is the means by which transformation occurs. alchemical and hermetic traditions from europe all draw on egpytian ideas of inner transformation and it is evident with their symbols: a staff with serpents around it, the “eye” of Ra ect.
i believe the pharoahs and others were buried with all their belongings to preserve the self-identity or Ba. the individual soul or Ka, when freed from the body at death has no self identity(ba) only the impressions left on it. if the Ka could survive the visionary ordeal of the duat after death, it could be liberated, and upon seeing the entombed remants of its former body and the body’s belongings could rediscover its Ba or self identity and reunite with it becoming immortal.
did i just discover the secret to immortality or what? 😛
Lol @ lando. did they really talk about this in stargate?


  1. Because thats what it is. Same thing as any other religion. Advances in technology happened in SPITE of religion, not because of it.

  2. Religion and science have been tied together for centuries. This is particularly true for Christians who see any disagreement with their beliefs as the practice of another religion.

  3. Nekhtet has is right. It is another religion- called Kemetic. To the ancient Egyptians, there was no separating religion from life, and they believed in the whole immortality thing, that you make it to Duat, and then continue living as you did when you were alive. Nothing new. Not to mention that they made all of their temples and wall reliefs with specific measurements and angles, called sacred geometry.


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