Why do we put so much time and energy into hating other people?

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It’s just a waste of time.

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It’s not a waste of time, it makes their lives harder and puts them in their place.

Willow Moon

Well maybe it has to do with human nature.


I never did. Maybe that is why I continue to look young long after everyone my age has wrinkles from frowning. I never minded the smile lines.
Hate is not only a waste of energy, it is often catching!

Om Namah Shivay

It’s so much easier to hate, because then they don’t have to seek out the good in others. It keeps them from having to question the things they do or don’t do in thier own lives. Often times it’s about self hate….

Lord Sesshomaru ✿殺生殿✿

Because it is required these days, unfortunately.


Simple, no one makes fun of you, whens the last time you heard of
anyone taking up a musical instrument, or taking an art course in school,
or listening to Mozart, i mean people make fun of people who listen to the
popular music and groups let alone classical, how about writing poetry,
bet you i’ll get thumbs down 4 all this, hope i do it’ll prove my point, simply
put, hate takes no commitment and it insures a place of admiration, in that
segment of society that supports rebellious behavior against the established
norms of daily functioning, hate is like fire, the more of it one has in them the
easier, it is to ignite vs love, that takes time and probably even more energy
to cultivate, not so easy to do in a society and culture, of instant gradification . . .


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