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Why do we have consciousness? And, why do we want to have higher consciousness?

This is a subject about which I’m extremely curious and think about a lot. Dig it, we all have consciousness. If that was not true, we wouldn’t be sitting at our keyboards right now discussing the great mysteries of life. There’s also this thing called higher consciousness, and some people seek to attain it, and, apparently, some people do. Or, is the whole thing about enlightenment just another sham? From what I can tell, higher consciousness/awareness is a very real thing. I’ve known some very “high” people…both users and non-users of drugs…and I’ve at least visited some of those places. I suspect that much of what drug use is about is the search for that high place that will give us a greater understanding of our very own lives. Some people think I tend to ramble on. Where could they possibly get that idea? OK, all you believers and non-believers out there, have at it….


  1. Enlightenment another Muslim term. I tend not to go by anything Muslim. On the account that the Quran says to beat your wives.

  2. I believe there is no higher being than yourself. You are the only person you can really trust and understand. We have a conciousness and are able to think, but have an unconciousness to what is really around because we will never fully understand anything. Some people seek religion for the answers [hence, why religiong {myth} was created] and some seek solitude seeing if the answer can be found on their own. I agree with you about drug use, it does bring a different conciousness to us, a more “philosophical” conciousness if you will. Though some drugs stop our thinking process and leave us dull in wake, I believe many of them open up some other gateway in our mind, one we don’t understand but seek to comprehend and keep but we cease to remember once we sober up. As humans, we are curious [for the most part] and want to understand things. We will always seek answers, and always have questions.

  3. conscioussness evolved later than the other parts of the brain. so maybe something like selective attention that results from the brain experiencing the effects of its actions via the physical body in the enviroment
    you might think your consciousness is in control but most likely your just along for the ride to help make higher decisions for your body

  4. Our consciousness is what tell,s us if we did
    someone wrong,,it will not let us forget,
    and God will use our consciousness to
    condemn us in the flesh by conviction as
    to our sin, that,,s what break,s our heart,s
    and open,s up for Christ to come in,
    and make us white as snow,

  5. Enlightenment isn’t a muslim term, no offense to the poster. It’s in the buddhist text and several others, zen as well I believe.
    Higher Consciousness is attained once you transcend the ego or false self, the old conditioned patterns of the world drop away, and a higher way of thinking and being come into view and begin to develop within.
    It isn’t a sham. Thoughts and thinking evolve into a higher consciousness, and it does give one greater understanding by being open and consciously aware of every moment as it unfolds and allowing it instead of resisting it. Drugs aren’t necessary to attain it.
    It takes continued practice and patience.

  6. The drug users are trying to find what they”had” other than change their ways. They are NOT ready for a change. They would rather keep using drugs.
    We all have a “right” path to go…it’s just SEEING it.
    Many Non-believers pretend. They “make believe” nothing EVER happened inn their life.
    Between what happened in their life, and DRUGS to BOOT, they have a hard time straightening it out.
    Thank God you saw that!
    Just keep pushing. You’re going the right way.
    Don’t EVER let them get you down!.

  7. Consciousness is the essence of every living being just like the fragrance of a flower after blooming.
    Highest level of this consciousness corresponds to the enlightenment.
    You are right, the ultimate high that the drug users got is due to the dreamy glimpses of the higher consciousness induced by the drugs.
    No doubt there are methods of attaining higher consciousness through drugs but that requires constent guidance other wise the drug user will end up with addiction and other negative results that we usually see in addicts.
    I am telling it on the basis of my own experience and ready to share the experience to bring someone out of addiction, if he has got it while searching for the high through drugs.
    It is not a treatment with alternative drugs or other medical methods but just questioning and answering. Understanding certain crucial points will not only bring the addict back but can show him the door to the higher consciousness.

  8. Yes we as human beings DO have consciousness
    And yes we as human beings have a consciousness that is higher than that of animals simply because we have a higher consciousness !


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