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Why do we fear death so? Religion aside, if death is merely loss of consciousness why do we so dread it?

I know animals have an innate survival instinct that could explain it somewhat. But we are rational, too, and this perplexes me.


  1. cause we never heard of wat happens during death. n the feeling that we know that death os just when your not thinking, breathing, or anything, is scary as hell.

  2. because it is the unknown, people are scared of the unknown. It is the loss of consciousness and really that’s all any of us have, without consciousness we can’t percieve things. Also there is the basic animal instinct of survival.

  3. I agree – if it’s just loss of consciousness, ceasing to exist, there’s nothing scary about that.
    There is of course, the pain of the process of dying.
    The thing to fear is, is there a heaven. And if there is, how can we get into it!

  4. Not all people fear death… i for one could die tomorrow and could care less and no im not emo i just would like to no what happens next and most people fear it is because they dont know what its going to be like and they fear that and some just dont want to die because to them it would be like moving far far away..where u had to lose all your friends and love ones

  5. I know that I hate the idea of death mostly because I know that I will not see my loved ones ever again. (Unless there truly is a heaven/hell) And because I will not be able to remember all of the good times that I have had during my life. It freaks me out.

  6. If it’s religion aside then…
    Probably because we are so attached to life. For some, life can be pretty sweet and to lose all that to who-knows-what seems like a raw deal to some people.
    And I also agree with the statement that it’s also partly because it is the unknown. Religion aside, it’s completely and totally unknown. We have no idea what could happen. And because we don’t know, we naturally fear it. Lack of knowledge can be a scary thing for some, especially when the consequences could last an eternity.
    Hope that helps and sorry if the post is a little gloomy 🙂

  7. its something we have no control over.. and i guess its the fear of leaving things we worked for and relationships we’ve built behind..

  8. when you’re asleep, do you ‘think’ (besides dreams)? in some sense, you don’t ‘exist’ in your own world. think about it. sleeping until the end of time.

  9. because you never get to come back
    Unless you have a reall crappy life, most people want to continue to live life, and to continue to experience things such as seeing their loved ones every day and stick around to help raise their kids, see them grow up, be there for them and for other loved ones, and stuff like that.
    I don’t know why thats so hard for someone to figure out

  10. Yeah because you don’t know when you die. It is just a human habit. YOu don’t want to die. You are scared of losing your family and all you have.
    For me I fear dying of a natural disaster.

  11. We fear death because we do not want to leave behind our loved ones.
    We dread it because we still enjoy this beautiful life with them.

  12. Because I WANT to stay conscious. I just dont want to stop “existing”. I dont have the best life in the world but I still WANT to live.

  13. Whats this “WE’ stuff? I don’t fear death. I kinda look forward to it. Who wants to live forever?
    Either its the end, or we move on to something else.
    What difference does it make?

  14. Because all humans have the fear of the unknown. No human has died and come back except Jesus so no body knows. Maybe they could be scared of having their cold, lifeless body stuffed in a wooden casket and buried. No body knows what awaits us in the afterlife. Just pray that it is good.

  15. -Because death has a final ring to it.
    -Because it is a place we have never been.
    -Because nobody comes back from dead to narrate the experience.
    -Because you must leave behind all those dear to you.
    -Because one is never really ready to go,not so soon,not ever!
    -Because after death,comes the judgement by God!

  16. we fear it because it is something new and unknown, with no return (except on a few occasions where people are brought back to life, and many have said that the period tht they were technically dead during was the greatest period of their life)
    although you fear it you are in awe by its power and the fear turns out to be a feeling that we like, edmund burke describes how pain and fear, as well as pleasureful things are feelings that we like, the fear will put us in a state of sublimity that we like

  17. There are two things in life that we have to do, one of which is being born and the other is death. What we do in between is up to us. Death is something that we have to face our self and nobody is there to help us face it. It is one of the things that we have to do by our self with no help from anybody but the Good Lord His self. Or whoever is your higher power once you realize that you can be at peace with yourself.. I, myself am NOT afraid to die, because I know that it is part of life and just another stepping stone to a greater place. It is not the end, it is really just the beginning to a better place..I do not know if I have helped you or not but it is just an opinion.

  18. I believe it is not death itself that intimidates us homosapiens, but the events that cause us to die. For example, passing on while sleeping sounds just peachy, but being raped and tortured by a merciless psycho doesn’t sound too appealing.


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