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Why do they cut geodes and why is it so hard to find an amethyst one that is broken in half?

It isn’t that I want to cut geodes. I want to find an amethyst geode that is “broken” in half. It is for a symbolic represention of my life. Thanks.


  1. You gotta pick up a lotta rocks!!!!Cutting allows the person to see if it’s semi-prercious and not a worthless rock.They are so heavy that most jewlry is only made from tiny shards.Keep looking under every rock!

  2. Because geodes contain very intereting kind of colored quartz in most of the cases, or unexpected geological metrial is found inside of the semi- hollow rocks…they are well appreciated as elegant ornaments, and are cut in half so they can be sold, showing the interior, filed with attractive colored quartz,,,,,Yes, they are sawad in half, by either jewelers or people dedicated to geology, using a circular diamond saw…(not just any saw)….they are not hard to find…an industrial diamond saw, can make the trick,,,
    Its very much woth the pain though…..some of them reach the hudredts of doolars in the market…..if you advertise your geoda once its cut,,,,
    Good luck with your treasure,,,

  3. The reason you do not find many broken geodes is that breaking open a geode is a very unreliable method to use. Good geodes are worth money to collectors and as decoration so it makes sense to open them in the most economical way you can, and that cutting. Hitting a geode with a hammer may give you two clean halves but it is far more likely to produce a pile of shattered fragments which have almost no value at all.


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