Home Discussion Forum Why do they call it PSYCHOKINESIS isntead of TELEKINESIS?

Why do they call it PSYCHOKINESIS isntead of TELEKINESIS?

i would really like to know.


  1. Psychokinesis literally means “mind motion”.
    Telekinesis literally means “distant motion”, or “motion at a distance”.
    They are used equivalently to describe the same non-existent phenomenon.

  2. That is an interesting question (star to you). I don’t think there is any obvious answer but I will speculate.
    Telekinesis (TK) means motion at a distant. Thus any mechanism (say a persons eyes) could be the cause of this motion of a object at a distant. Where the word psychokinesis (PK) suggest (as the theory now suggest) that the consciousness/mind is the force behind the object being moved. Thus, the word more accurately reflects the theory.

  3. I think they’re just trying to narrow down exactly what they think it is–movement with the mind rather than just movement at a distance. You’ll find a lot of semantical activity when it comes to pseudoscience. It seems more scientific and distracts from the lack of data supporting such phenomena.

  4. In addition to pd’s answer, I also think it’s a reaction to the skeptical response to all things psychic. “Psych” is a very authoritative, scientific-sounding prefix — psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychosis, psyche, psychotherapy, etc. Renaming telekinesis using the “psych” prefix probably was partially motivated by the desire to make telekinesis seem more scientific and reasonable.


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