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Why do Theravada Buddhists reject the Bodhisattva concept?

I’m not putting down Theravada Buddhism at all. I’m just curious.


  1. They do not. Theravada Buddhists regard it as an option.
    While Theravada regards it as an option, Mahayana encourages everyone to follow a Bodhisattva path and to take the Bodhisattva vows. With these vows, one makes the promise to work for the complete enlightenment of all sentient beings.

  2. In order to simplify.
    Besides , Theravada considers teachings of Gautama Buddha Alone as authentic because these were recorded directly by the disciples of Gautama Buddha. Also the purpose of Gautama Buddha’s teaching is to reach nirvana at the earliest and not to waste time in many stories.

  3. Buddhism has several different varieties, just as Christianity
    has a number of different denominations. But just as all the
    denominations of Christianity recognize Jesus as the son of
    God, and God as the creator of the universe, so too do all
    the various forms of Buddhism acknowledge a bodhisattva:
    for a bodhisattva is “an enlightened being”–and, of course,
    obtaining “enlightenment” is the premise of Buddhism.
    Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, who some
    have speculated might have actually met Jesus Christ, was
    a prince of a very wealthy family who decided to leave home,
    and sit under a bod-hi tree, because he sought to be en-
    lightened; hence the the term, “bodhisattva.”
    I hope that answers your question.

  4. According to my understanding Theravada Buddhists too accepts Bodhisattva concept. A Bodhisattva is a Buddha who is in his previous life forms. According to Theravada Buddhism anybody can become a Buddha but it takes many many life forms to reach the state of a Buddha . There is a short way to attain the nirvana by being an arhath passing the four stages of 1. sovan, 2. sakrudhagami, (only one more Bodhisattva form) 3. anagami (no more going back) and 4. the last one arhath, . In mahayana, everyone attempts to end by being a Buddha. It makes no much difference regarding the aim.
    I must admit I do not know much on this point.

  5. Theravada accepts both. Bodhisatta (bodhisattva) is the future Buddha. Current Buddhism is of the current Buddha or the Buddha Gotama. Theravada doesn’t emphasise the next Buddhism but current Buddhism.
    Northern Buddhism is about ‘to reincarnate as a Buddha’. But some Theravadins have a bit hostility on them.
    What are the 7 Sets, which produces Enlightenment?
    Before the Blessed Buddha Gotama (563-483 BC) was the good Buddha Kassapa, and
    before him were the Buddhas: Konāgamana & Kakusandha all in this universal eon!
    Before them were there Buddhas: Vessabhū, Sikhī, Vīpassī, Phussa, and Tissa,
    Siddhattha, Dhammadassī, Atthadassī, Pi y adassī, Sujāta, and Sumedha,
    Padumuttara, Nārada, Paduma, Anomadassī, Sobhita, Revata, and Sumana,
    Mangala, Kondañña, Dīpankara, Saranankara, Medhankara & Tanhankara!
    Even before them were an endless number of Buddhas, who all explained
    these Seven Sets of Qualities Producing Enlightenment! What Seven?
    1: The Four Foundations of Awareness
    2: The Four Best Efforts
    3: The Four Ways to Force
    4: The Five mental Abilities
    5: The Five mental Powers
    6: The 7 Links to Awakening
    7: The Noble 8-fold Way
    All Buddhas in the future beginning with Metteyya will also explain these!
    Those who sta y here and pa y s attention will learn each single set of abilit y
    to an extent he/she will not easil y forget.. Thus is lasting progress ensured!!!
    When the mirror is polished, then it produces an entirel y perfect reflection
    of the original supreme absolute…Therefore: Hang on here! Never Give Up!
    Ma y all sentient beings awaken into the ultimate peace, freedom & happiness!


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