Why do Theists believe that a consciousness conscious of nothing existed before existence existed?

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How can a consciousness conscious of nothing exist?
How can existence exist before existence existed?

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Say that fast 5 times.


How can we live in a time without time, I don’t know, but I know I will.

J. Cricket

Because… It just does.
Does this clear things up for you?


a consciousness may not necessarily be a christan “Father” type god. it may just be a pervading field of potentiality. by that, i mean that a ‘sea’ of chaos and randomness (by chaos i mean random, not destruction)
existence existed before the “existence” of what is: the Big Bang theory has many pieces of evidence backing it up, and it suggests that everything our universe is made of – space and time – was concentrated at a dense point, which then exploded due to the sheer volume of energy trapped within the ‘particle’. before this explosion, however, the point of superdense energy existed. and in order for it to exist, there needed to be a medium FOR existence, but not space as we know it, as space was created after the Bang. i like to think of this pre-big-bang medium as god, which provided whatever it was that set the criteria for the big bang to take place.


I don’t believe in an “before existence existed”.
You might find this interesting: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/444016/jewish/Is-Gd-an-Agnostic.htm .


Bingo. The primacy of existence is the greatest argument against a creator.


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