Home Discussion Forum why do the chinese depict buddha as being fat when he wasnt?

why do the chinese depict buddha as being fat when he wasnt?

i know that the real buddha who was indian wasnt actually fat.


  1. The real Buddha was actually quite skinny.
    its just symbolic. Fat is often associated with luck, prosperity, and good natured. Its much of the same reason Santa is depicted as fat.

  2. The fat Buddha people see in restaurants wasn’t a buddha at all but a chinese monk named hotei. He was represented as being fat and carried a sack that fulfilled people’s wishes. Kinda like a Buddhist santa claus.

  3. The Chinese feel that weight equals prosperity.
    I was once in Hong Kong and walked into an ivory carving shop. I admired a carving of a sack of grain with rats all around it, and the store keeper said, “That’s a symbol of prosperity. If there are rats, that must mean that there is enough food that some may get spilled and not cleaned up right away. So the rats being there means there is plenty to eat.”
    For the Chinese to show Buddha as having a little weight is equivalent to us putting beautiful robes on Jesus or Mary, it is honoring them.


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