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why do tarot card readers look at you while they shuffle the cards?

are they observing your reaction, checking your aura, trying to hypnotize you? what?
also, why do they ask you to blow on the cards before they shuffle them?


  1. Blowing on the cards: to entertain you, I think 🙂
    They look at you when they shuffle the cards so you know they’re not looking at the cards and shuffling them into positions they may want them to be in.

  2. It might just seem polite to them – like they don’t want to freeze you out or ignore you. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to “pick up” things about people – I think it’s too easy to make incorrect assumptions about people. I’ve got the best results giving telephone readings so that I can’t be distracted by what the person looks like.
    Personally I don’t shuffle the cards myself; I prefer that the client do that. I have never asked anyone to blow on cards and I’ve never heard of it being done either; it sounds both unhygienic and superstitious.


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