Home Discussion Forum Why do sport riders like magic markers?

Why do sport riders like magic markers?

This weekend the rice rocket youngsters asked me and Harold to buy beer for them. Played an odd game called “beer pong” that Harold lost. I rode my 55 Pan home cause it wasn’t near as drunk as I was. Harold shows up a day later with his 3-wheeler painted pink and large mammary glands drawn on his chest and had huge eyelashes with magic marker. His wife thought he was at Lu Lu’s again. Question: Is this some weird bonding ritual the rice rocket guys do?


  1. After you left, Harold did his own art work when he went to the bathroom. Unfortunately he came out with just his Harley chaps on and sang “Macho Man” and “YMCA.” It was not a pretty sight.

  2. if he had the tits drawn on his back,instead of his chest,THEN you’d have something to worry about,sounds like he was the pitcher,not the catcher (this time)
    99 % of squid bike riders play hide the weenie with each other


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