WHY do some say Science has not proven the HUMAN SOUL EXISTS?





by Elijah:

Science proved long ago that the human soul exists and does so for ever! Science has proven that man cannot create energy or destroy energy, but can only displace it, move it from one source to another, And science proved long ago that mans body operates on energy/electrical impulses! When you want a drink of water or food, your mind thinks it, then you say “i” will reach for that food your energy/electrical power reaches for the drink!
When we die/pass, that energy/electrical light never dies, {{and our spirit/character is literally that energy}} is why in John 1st Chapter it states that God is Light and His Light is the Light of Men/soul of Men! The center of earth burns always due to God taking any who do not serve Him and instills their eternal energy into the Hell below…and is why its an ever lasting fire/energy…It has begun…His mystery has been finished Rev:10:7 go to the gathering site below for many more proofs/truths in science of Gods Mighty Mystery….it has begun…
Science has proven His mystery making His way straight for His now return this day and generation of Destiny! For evidence of His love for His Mighty Daughters of Destiny, and His Mighty Sons who protect them throughout the Heavens, go first to the near bottom of the about page on the website now mentioned below, then read the entire site, Also the prophecy and the signs page are listed signs of the now gathering for Gods Glory and our Destiny Matthew 25:34 – 5:5 Rev:5:10 – Rev:21:3-4…It has Begun…
For proof of His mystery being now finished Rev: 10:7 through the Minds of men of science now receiving His code/keys Rev:1:18 go to http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com and on the about page and services page and on the proof in the news and science page are many proofs/truths for the now waking and gathering of Gods science and theology for the now end of aging and sickness as the Lord said He had come to do, John 10:10 He came to give us back Life abundant as in the days of Noah, living centuries instead of decades as Noah and Adam, and Eve! For a list of the signs of this Epic generations gathering for Destiny go to the prophecy and the signs page, and on the proof in painting and verse of His healing page are many Biblical proofs of His Word being that which brought forth Science…it has begun… contact page as the e-mail on the site is for questions and declaring ones Family for gathering…need to make God so, for your peace of mind…it has begun…

Answer by Hugh VI


  1. Yeah, unfortunately for your bizarre notion, electrical energy does not equate to ‘soul’. At least, not if you’re as mentally stable as a pancake.

  2. Science will prove God one day. On that day I will welcome them with open arms as I do now. Nothing will change, love them.

  3. You seem to have read wrong. Science has only proven that some people need to believe in magical fairies, and that most of these people need for it to be a male fairy.

  4. You apparently don’t get science. The energy the electrical impulses consist of doesn’t disappear, but it dissolves in the environment.

  5. Biological organisms operate on electrical impulses. If that proves a soul, then birds, earthworms, squirrels and eels have eternal souls.
    Will they go to heaven?

  6. Because it hasn’t.
    Your claims are incredibly ignorant, completely proven false, and just plain ridiculous.

  7. Yes, unfortunately, or, well, not so, energy/matter is dissipated or transformed – usually into heat. ^_^’

  8. Except that energy and those electrical impulses could completely dissipate into energy that no longer resembles us. Sure, the energy that is driving our bodies cannot ever be destroyed, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be associated. Just like when a flame is extinguished: the heat energy is still all present (or changed to a different form), but that does not mean that there’s still a flame.
    When we die, the energy that drives us will no longer be powering a consciousness. There’s no reason to belief that any sort of organization, whether it be spirit, soul, mind, or whatever, will continue to be one organized thing after temporal death.

  9. Yeahhhh…. No. Not even close. There is no soul, and science has no evidence of a soul. When we die, we cease to exist. Our “energy” dies. Our bodies may stick around for a while – rot away or we may burn to ash – but nothing else remains. When a light bulb burns out, its light is gone.
    The rest is completely irrelevent. Souls and gods and blah blah blah….

  10. No, no, no, no, no. There is no soul. No proof from ANYWHERE exists. You coming up with theories based on the bible does not constitute proof.

  11. If you want assistance from science, the first thing that you need to do is provide a SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION of what a soul is.
    As things stand, science isn’t going to prove or disprove anything when there is no universal agreement as to the definition of the object under consideration.

  12. “Science proved long ago that the human soul exists ” – so, you start out with a lie and go downhill from there…

  13. Science can’t prove the existance of anything non-material. i don’t know of any experimantal evidence fot the soul.

  14. This is a big reach and easily countered. Whatever electricity is in our brains is dissipated as heat when we die.
    I believe we have an immortal spirit, but this is an amazingly weak and unconvincing argument.
    Your wacky Revelation stuff is just that – wacky.

  15. Using your definition, Native Americans and many pagan religions actually have it right by saying that you return to the earth and become part of it. It’s true that energy doesn’t die, but it goes back into the world in a different form. It doesn’t leave in a magic bubble and float up to an imaginary castle in the sky to play shuffleboard for eternity.

  16. Are you asking a question or giving your answer?
    Science can only deal with what it can measure.
    That means physical & energy, not spiritual things.

  17. Because it is busy chasing a phantom.
    The soul is the human body, reference the Hebrew word for ‘soul’. It is the same as the Hebrew word for the animals. The human spirit is the mind, and powers man. God’s Spirit is the mind / power of God.

  18. Didn’t bother to read most of your rant.
    However, on the science bit, I would imagine most of the energy left in a body when it dies is in the form of body heat. As that body cools down, the heat energy dissipates into the surrounding environment. A (real) scientist would be able to describe it much better. Anything else is just guessing, or twisting half truths to fit your own agenda.

  19. Physics does not work that way. Energy is not magic. For every “electrical impulse” that sustains life, there are a million chemical processes. There is no such thing as “life force”. Also it’s easy to create/destroy electricity. Try it at home-move a magnet through a coil of wire. Tadaa! You turned kinetic energy into electrical potential!

  20. Because science hasn’t proved it. Bible versus are not science. There is no such thing as a soul. Prove me wrong without using the bible. Circular logic is false logic.

  21. Science has not shown that a soul exists. Neither has it shown that a deity of any sort exists.
    In fact our scientific knowledge to date indicates that neither exist and are human mythological constructs. Particularly with the soul, this was an explanation by the clergy of which part of the body reaches “heaven” when the physical body obviously rots and returns to its component parts.
    I do not think that you really want an answer to this question as you are obviously just plugging a fundamental website, but I think that your screed does need some citations from outside the bible.

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