Why do some physicists think consciousness is required for quantum events?

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To me that sounds like non-sense.
The universe has been “happening” way, way, way, before human consciousness evolved!
Makes no sense to say events only happens if we observe it. It’s non-sense.

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Physicists like who?

Chris Pitchr

Actually, it seems to be everybody apart from physicists think consciousness is required for quantum events.

Stainless Steel Rat

If you are speaking of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle then you have it all wrong. It states that a particle exists in more than one place until it is observed. Here is a better defintion. http://www.answers.com/topic/uncertainty-principle If that befuddles you then what do you think of the double slit experiment? http://doubleslitexperiment.com/


It is nonsense, quantum events are described by mathematics. Saying that consciousness is required for quantum events would mean we had some mathematical understanding of consciousness, which we don’t.


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