Home Discussion Forum Why do some people see the Pagan Pentagram as demonic?

Why do some people see the Pagan Pentagram as demonic?

Many people see the Pagan Pentagram and think “Devil’s Symbol!”
…..Why??? The Pagan Pentagram symbolizes Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Self Spirit.
When and how did this come to be perceived as demonic?


  1. Not hollywood, but rather it was the Catholic Church that was responsible for demonizing all Pagan religions during their takeover of europe.
    This isn’t conjecture… it’s history.

  2. pentagram? that’s not demonic. the pentacle is and the upside down pentacle. they aren’t the same things. Why do you think that? I see these heartograms everywhere.
    But yeah, it’s just because it upside down is the satanist star though they have nothing to do with christianity.

  3. The Pentagram was once used by Christians as the five wombs of Christ.
    It was turned up-side-down and used as the face of the Devil by his worshipers to defy Christ.
    This was so bad to the Christians that they disowned it and it has since become known only as a Devil worshipers sign.
    The Pagans use it right side up and call it the elements.
    It’s true meaning was as a protection long before anyone can trace.
    Blessed Be

  4. I agree with LO, people just don’t want to know/hear the truth about certain things because they think that anything other than their belief is wrong or evil. Paganism has nothing to do with the devil nor does any of the symbols that represent it. This is why so many people have lost their lives because of ignorance. You ask a very good question btw.

  5. Various Christian religious groups throughout history have ‘demonized’ and condemned any and all Pagan practices/rites/symbols that they were unable to inundate into their own religion. Christians did this centuries ago, while trying to convert the known world to Christianity. Those who practices Paganism, of any kind, were called ‘witches’ and were said to have sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for power. Because the pentacle (or pentagram, either is acceptable) was and is a Pagan symbol of the five Elements and of protection, one a practicing Pagan would likely wear or keep in their home, it too was ‘demonized’. This immediate connection in the modern person’s brain is continued through ignorance and the teensiyst bit of brainwashing: they were raised to believe in the connection between Paganism/”witchcraft” and evil. The pentacle was also inverted (turned upside-down) to be used by Satanists and those like them.
    Most people, once it has been explained to them, understand and recognize the difference between the Pagan pentacle of protection and the Elements and the inverted pentacle, which can more accurately be thought of as a “devil’s symbol”, as you call it.

  6. After ceremonial magicians claimed it in about the mid 19th century.
    Until then, it was a Christian symbol. It represented the 5 wounds of Christ.
    And Eliphas Levi used it in drawings with Baphomet, the goat-headed God (though there is no proof he was an ancient Pagan God, but a Christian-imagined Pagan God).
    Then Satanists began to use the images to rebel against the church.
    Then fiction picked it up and ran with it in all kinds of stories, and eventually horror movies.
    So it became “evil” by association.


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