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Why do some people say that the stroy of our Lord Jesus is all about Astrology and ancient Myths?

they say that Jesus is the sun and his crown of thorns are sun rays.
i’d like to read some Protestant answers, but all answers are welcome
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  1. Because there are so few actual facts that it can be whatever the individual wants it to be. If someone interprets it differently than you why do you care?
    I see dozens of people every day declare that since no one can disprove what they believe then their beliefs must be fact. Well if I choose to believe the the entire bible is nothing more than the winner of the ‘First Annual Nicaean Fiction Writers Contest’ you could never disprove that.

  2. Just because something can parallel does not mean they are in direct correlation to one another. They can not get past the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth.

  3. Facts and education are the reason some people say that..
    Messiah? Not original to Christianity
    Virgin birth? Not original to Christianity
    Intercessory salvation by faith in son of god? Not original to Christianity
    Born on Winter Solstice? Not original to Christianity
    Crucifixion? Not original to Christianity
    Resurrection at Vernal Equinox? Not original to Christianity
    Extrascriptural evidence for life of Jesus of the gospels? Completely and utterly absent (save your time – Josephus is known to be a later forgery).
    Conclusion – mishmash of mythic elements absorbed into Jewish Messiah stories of which dozens exist from around the same time featuring various different Messiahs.

  4. I hadn’t heard that about the crown of thorns.If you do some reading, you’ll find that there is virtually nothing of substance in the Jesus story that can’t be found in earlier myths. Of course, someone who really wants to believe in Jesus will say that is just meaningless coincidence, but those who have their eyes and minds open will see what really happened.

  5. Because it follows the same pattern as many gods before it.
    Watch part 1 of Zeitgeist, it explains it more clearly.
    The person who did the research has everything documented and published. You can find the information at TruthBeKnown.com

  6. Do a little research and you’ll find that Christianity’s claims are found in dozens of earlier religions – in other words, it’s a plagiarized cobbling together of the most popular beliefs of 2000-plus years ago.
    Reminds me of those “ideal man/woman” gags where different body parts of stars are combined to make a Frankensteinish imaginary partner.

  7. those wishing to control others don’t need to change their story much, to be fair! People are so guilible the stories can hold strong for 1000’s of years.
    same story played out in different contexts, although that catchline about the meek inheriting the earth: now, giving that line to the good guy as well as the bad guy, that was effin genius scriptwriting

  8. Jesus son of God….AKA…Hercules son of Zeus.
    A “Father” sacrifices his “son.” Common Middle Eastern concept at the time as there is no better way to prove to your god that you are a true follower. Abraham was also willing to do that to show his faith but the God of the Jews stopped him.
    Virgin birth. There are tons of myths based upon a virgin birth. Pick one.
    Rose from the dead. Many parts of the Jesus story are nothing but copies of the Mithra story, including rising from the dead on the third day.
    But do not feel bad about it. Pretty much every faith “borrowed” stuff from earlier more established faiths.

  9. The idea of an omnipresent God is very scary to some people, so they try to debunk His existence to comfort themselves. Kind of like lying so much you start to believe yourself.

  10. I have never heard this take on things. However, there are similarities between the death and resurrection of Christ, and the old Sol Invictus mythos, which stated that the Sun God died at the summer solstice (when the days started to get shorter) and was reborn just after winter solstice (when the days began to lengthen again).
    But don’t discount the relationship between astrology and Christianity. The Magi of the Nativity story were, in fact, pagan scholar-priests, and as such, would have practiced astrology. Note that they associate the birth of a King with the appearance of a new STAR, a common astrological theme at that time.
    Even the early Church connected Christianity with pagan festivals. Christ was probably not born in the winter, but the official date of Christmas was set as December 25, most likely to absorb pagans who were used to celebrating festivals around the time of the winter solstice into the new Christian faith. St. Paul’s failed attempts to convert Athens to Christianity involved an altar in their temple “to an unknown god.” Paul suggested that Christ could be this unknown god, but because Christ had been executed as a criminal, the Athenians refused to accept Him as a god.
    The use of chants in medieval church services and the robes worn by Catholic priests are other examples of pagan-inspired Christian worship, and a reminder that all religions are inter-related.


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