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Why do some people react strongly against astrology and tarot cards?

I see it as just something fun, and even though I know it’s all in my own head, it’s fun to fall under the illusion. Just like watching a magic trick or looking at optical illusions. But some people just don’t see the point, and are kind of suspicious.
I’m not even talking about people with religious reasons.


  1. i think it’s fun, too, but some ppl are just so closeminded and stuff that they cant open up even just to have a little bit of fun…

  2. I think some people think of it as you dealing their fate in your hands, some people are skeptical of all kinds of magic because it somehow plays a deceptive role, making you beleive something that may not be true.

  3. Because they are ar5seholes. Youve got as much right to believe/follow tarot cards as religious people do following their religion.
    I bet all your haters are just christians who arent happy you dont follow the bible. On yahoo answers they all seem like that.

  4. Seems like the best attitude to take. But the more you believe in stuff like that, the more paranoid you get. So many people actually think it can work – look at all the people boycotting Harry Potter books and movies because they think it will lead their kids to practicing witchcraft. They actually think it will work!

  5. I enjoy reading my horoscope because it’s FUN. A lot of times it seems pertinent to what’s going on in my life, but then again, horoscopes are written so vaguely that they could apply to 99% of people’s lives. I like them because they’re fun. Some people are offended by them, but then again, some people are offended by anything. I like having fun reading my horoscopes.

  6. I don’t like having someone use cards or horoscopes to tell me what I’m supposed to do. So, I’m not a big fan of it.
    But I won’t react strongly or fight it. I’ll just dismiss it as being crap and move on.

  7. I am a Christian and I beliefe in God. He is the power behind all of this (earth, life, etc.) When you put some card before God, looking to the card for answers instead of seeking counsel from your maker is disrespectful. I know what you’re saying that it’s just for fun. But that’s the same thing as saying “I’m married and love my wife, but sometimes I like to cheat on her just for fun”. It just contradicts the vary belief for some people… Here’s a concept to ponder: If it’s not of God…than who?

  8. We know it is a bit of fun but for those who dont believe in it – probably have no time for themselves and they say that they are too busy to listen to what is known as the truth and they take themself and their own importance too seriously!

  9. I think what people react adversely to is not the fact that tarot cards and astrology exist, but that people use them to “predict” their future.
    I to feel that this is the wrong use of them. Some people cite the vagueness of astrological predictions as a criticism of their use, but I think this actually makes a stronger case for them. Many of the predictions, particularly when tarot card imagery is involved, contain a wide variety of symbols which can be interpreted by the human mind.
    A wolf may represent adversity, snow desolation, nudity freedom–an infinity of different interpretations. We, as complex beings, can interpret these images as we like and decide if that’s the type of future we want to pursue. We’re able to modify our behaviors in order to achieve that desired “symbolic” existence. This is the strength of tarot cards and astrology, not a prediction of the future–but a call to change the present.

  10. Because people like that think they’re smart [see: egoistic and bias] so they feel the need to shove it in others’ faces as if it’ll prove anything. If there are followers of an established religion/philosophy and vice versa, then I don’t see what’s wrong with having “magical” believers. And if it’s not magic, there’s bound to be other kinds of beliefs that’d seem odd for people.
    I do it for fun, of course. I find it interesting how my zodiac, in general, have common traits that I do naturally express.

  11. I’m very superstitious. I really dislike tarot card readings because of the whole “fate” ideal. I mean, if you are told your fate by the cards, then you might begin to worry and anticipate it. Then you might wonder: “What if I hadn’t had my fate read by the cards? Would it be the same? Or am I tampering with something I don’t comprehend?”
    I really believe sometimes humans open gateways to dark things we think we understand, but we really do not. It’s not safe to handle these sorts of things.
    Astrology? I’m not so sure. I know I love water and being at sea, and I’m an Aquarius so that’s kinda cool. I don’t know about the predictions though. I usually don’t read my horoscope, but when I do it is more detached than a solid tarot reading. It’s aimed towards the general aquarius people. With tarot cards, it’s YOU.
    At least that’s how I see it. I believe in psychics, and I believe they can see things we cannot possibly comprehend…but are they letting darkness and corrupt forces in? I don’t know! I don’t know really what I believe, but I do know I believe in superstition and I won’t take any risks.

  12. I realy dont know, i read tarot no i dont charge and if anyone wants a reading i will gladly provide that service, some people have had bad experiences some people good. some people cant handle the truth and some people are just cruel.then you get the sicko’s who just tell you a pack of lies, my personal belief is treat everyone with respect everyone is entitled to there opinion and do no harm to anyone or anything.

  13. On the issue of Tarot cards, most Americans have been given a very skewed presention. We have a very limited frame of reference when it comes to Tarot cards. When the subject of Tarot is treated in the popular media, it is very one-sided giving the impression that those cards are only used for divination or for the occult. Tarot cards were originally intended for trick taking card games similar to Spades. The use of Tarot cards for divination would not begin until long after the creation of that deck. Tarot card games are still played today mostly in places such as France or Italy. The popular media need to be more balanced in the coverage of Tarot and let the general public know that those cards were and still are used for card games and that divination is not the only purpose of these cards.


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