Home Discussion Forum why do some people have stronger auras than others?

why do some people have stronger auras than others?

Out of all the people in school, there’s this girl who has this strange aura.
Like, approachable or something, I don’t know. There was just something.
So I decided to talk to her…nothing special, really. She is failing in school, and only cares about texting, myspacing and basketball. But she’s an easy person to talk to. She falls in “love” too quickly and stuff. We became friends (not close ones) but yeah, not to be mean but there isn’t anything…
I saw in a F. Scott Fitzgerald that his wife Zelda also had an aura that attracted people and stuff, that she had some charm. And for me it was true. Just by looking at her and what she was doing and saying, I felt that aura.
Can anyone explain why? Thanks!


  1. Body language is very powerful; we say far more with our actions than with our words. It’s quite a fascinating subject, in my opinion.

  2. Can’t really say why.
    but, I have just Learned that Human Beings have a “Spin” about them too!
    It can cause things to Spin
    something to do with a Higher Mode of Magnetism (Nichola Tesla)

  3. Pheremones. She’s further evolved than most humans and uses a powerful pheremone to attract men. Watch out though, alot of women with strong pheremones tend to be rather…loose.


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