Why do some people doubt the existence of God, but participate in the occult?

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I have met people that say they are agnostics or atheists, but are the first to call a psychic or buy a Ouija board.

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they are probably lying


There are stupid people on both sides of the fence.

Imma Eat Chu

Then they’re not what they claim to be.


The assumption of the existence of a supernatural realm does not of necessity point to the conclusion of the existence of a deity.
An atheist can believe in all sorts of things, including psychics or Ouija or other occult things — as long as they do not believe in a deity.
Where “atheist” is considered, it doesn’t mean “doesn’t believe in anything supernatural at all,” it means, “no belief in a deity.”
All else is up for grabs.


Some people believe in the supernatural, but not necessarily gods. There are all kinds of people out there.


So, you’re saying that God and the occult must exist together?


Not believing in god doesn’t mean someone doesn’t believe in engeries, connectivity, the possibility of people who use more of their brains then others, spirits, and etc. This actually makes a lot of sense for an agnostic, since they believe in *something* they just aren’t sure what.


Haha we all know a Ouija board doesn’t have any magical powers it is just a load of stupid plastic and cardboard. I don’t believe psychic exist I think it is just people manipulating other people for their money. Maybe those people who do that think it’s fun or entertaining thats why they participate….


Well, an atheist wouldn’t do those things, as they believe in no spiritual world at all. Agnostic, why not. They only state that they don’t believe in a supreme deity.

Independent Centrist

Perhaps, they are just rejecting the concept of the Judeo-Christian God, and are still open to the idea of other, non-religiously aligned supernatural phenomena.


They are mixed up because in order to believe in the occult, you have to believe in Satan (God’s enemy).

Fireball Level 7

satan is temptingt ppl..

Bluto Blutarsky76

unless they are participating in an experiment to show those things are bunk-
they are not atheists-
agnostics maybe because they tend to just by slightly misguided skeptics not fully ready to accept that the two possiblities don’t stand on equal footing due to the thiests burden of proof.


You can doubt the existence of specific Gods, or even think there are no Gods and still believe in the supernatural.
Some religions like Buddhism can be “atheistic” in that they don’t believe in deities, but believe in the supernatural.
Oh, and the Ouija board is a child’s game. I know no one over the age of 16 who has one, let alone thinks they are REALLY talking to “spirits” when they played with them.
—–> Played with a Ouija board as a kid….
I moved the pointer to screw with my friends.


Well if they’re atheist they’re just lying to you. However, believing in the supernatural doesn’t mean you believe in “God” per say. Actual atheists don’t believe in anything intangible.


YA… not me…. so…..?


good question my brother came out of mormonism but still believes he can talk to the dead, a prominent mormon belief, this is because he did not take my mom”s death well and some psychic I want to strangle picked up on this, she can read him, and is telling him all kinds of crap.
When I was atheist I was so lonely I contacted a psychic, I mean lonely no sex and no man, wow! lonely!!!!!!!!!


Atheist just means that the person doesn’t believe in deities. It says nothing about other supernatural things.


Lost. But this is why God give us a choice. Remember as it is written in romans 11:14 EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.
Phil 2:9-11
Bless you sister.

Robert Abuse

Ouija boards are sold in toy shops because they are playthings. Only the most dense of human beings would imagine them to be conduits to the dead.
Most of us believe that psychics are frauds too.
Anyway, that is bye the bye, atheists are linked only by the disbelief in gods. Many Buddhists are atheists for example.


Consulting a psychic can be fun. (Or rip you from your savings.)
The same with an Ouija board. (Although I doubt too many atheists would use one. Guys?) And even if they did, and got great results, that would not denote any existence of a God. (Examples: Ouija – you could be communicating with your subconscious for instance. Psychic – could be reaching into your subconscious.
Neither proves a God.


The existence or nonexistence of God may have nothing at all to do with other things that may exist in the supernatural realm.


most psychic’s are Pagan, which do not believe in the Christian God. Being an Agnostic or an Atheist does not mean you cannot believe in the supernatural. Things like mediums and Ouija boards are not Christian based items so what does the occult have to do with God. All an Atheist means is that they deny the existence of any God(s) or Deity, and an Agnostic knows there is no way to prove or disprove the existence, it says nothing else about what they do or do not believe in when it comes to the supernatural
And where is your evidence that supports your claim that Agnostics and Atheist are the first to call a psychic or use a toy you can buy at walmart. come on…. nice attempt though

Dustin M

A lack of belief in God doesn’t mean they are rational in all other areas. They could be non-theists that still believe in Occult things, making them irrational in regards to that.
Or it could be there merely interested in the Occult and don’t believe it has any power beyond what the human mind perceives (like the placebo effect). It might just be curiosity.


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