Why do Some people argue that the buddha's teaching is not helpful in combating suffering in the modern world?





by Dina B:

and can i have some answers comparing it with the teaching of other traditions please

Answer by Kinda the Sorta
This will do for the whole rest of your life :
Unexpected Way: On Converting from Buddhism to Catholicism
by Paul Williams
“After 20 years spent practising and teaching Tibetan Buddhism in Britain, scholar and broadcaster Paul Williams astonished his family and friends in 1999 by converting to Roman Catholicism. Williams explains why he joined the Church”


  1. Some people say all kinds of things about concepts, beliefs and practices in the areas of spirituality and religion. From what I can tell, there is no inherent conflict between believing in God, loving Jesus and accepting the teachings of the Buddha and other spiritual icons. It just could be that they and we are all talking about the same things. Best wishes!

  2. All mystical teachings observe that life is as a dream that is on the surface of ONE reality and is temporary. Traditional religion is essentially fundamentalist / materialist as it is based in the duality of experience as in ME and GOD are separate. The first understanding amounts to wisdom gained in an impersonal way that utterly re-orders the idea of the “who” that suffers. The second is based in belief and craving and aversion and the hope that more belief will somehow lessen the craving and aversion which amounts to suffering. Belief itself with an outcome, of course, causes suffering. Wisdom still exists and in fact is increasing. What the Buddha taught is actually more appropriate today than ever. Modern or old, the world is as a dream.

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