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Why do some pagans use Hindu customs?

I’ve heard of some wiccan and other pagan people using chakra and other hindu healing techniques in their spiritual work. Yet the old ways are supposed to be linked with your roots. What about people who don’t have hindu ancestors? Isn’t it wrong for non-hindus to use chakras/meditation and still affirm that they are living like their ancestors?


  1. ROFL, I think you need to look up the definition of “pagan” since according to the definition, Hindu’s are pagan.
    But here, I’ll help….. “pagan = a blanket term used to refer to various polytheistic and non-Abrahamic religious traditions”. So in other words, if you aren’t Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, then you are a pagan.

  2. As was stated “Pagan” is a very broad term. As to your question regarding Wiccan’s using hindu healing techniques you have to understand that Wicca in itself is a rather young religion. It uses a great deal of the old ways but still uses some stuff from other beliefs as well. It’s not a traditionalist religion such as Asatru (Norse Paganism/heathenism).

  3. Why would it be wrong? lol Is it wrong to use anything from another country? If it works, use it. Chakra isn’t only about healing. Do I have to only use things from where my ancestors come from? I guess only scottish people can have TV? (A scotsman invented the tube for tv). Ok, scottish, japanese and chinese people can use the TV, everyone else can’t.

  4. No, it’s not wrong. While some traditionalists will dislike it, the use of eastern teachings by new western spiritual traditions is not harmful to either tradition.
    People talk big about “the old ways” and “roots” but in reality, most modern pagan traditions aren’t that old. Instead, they are reconstructions and adaptions inspired by old beliefs and techniques. Human sacrifice used to be practiced in some cultures and some pre-christian religions… modern pagans do NOT do this! Why? Because they are modern pagans who have no logical or spiritual need to kill other people for their faith… it just doesn’t make sense.
    Why limit the cannon of knowledge just to people you share a blood ancestory with? That doesn’t make sense to me. People in the east have studied these principles for centuries… you don’t suppose they might have gotten it right after hundreds of years of study and practice, do you? Why should we ignore that incredible wealth of knowledge just because I don’t have a Chinese granny?
    I’ve never understood the inclination to follow ones “roots” alone… most people who claim to do this only follow one tiny strand of their roots, either through their fathers line or mothers line… but it takes two to tango and four to make a grandchild… our roots, especially in immigrant nations like the USA, are widely tangled… there is no reason to disreguard our basic connection with humanity and it’s knowledge and learning just because our one grandaddy was Irish… besides… where did those Irish traditions come from? Ireland was once a land of immigrants also…
    Besides, who put a copyright on meditation? Meditation has been a tool for shamanic traditions the world over.

  5. Not necessarily. One does not have to be of the lineage or heritage of the Hindus in order to practice the customs. So long as they learn how to use the customs properly, there is nothing wrong with it.
    Not every Wicca or Pagan claims that the practices they use are ancestral. That’s rather presumptuous of you. Many admit that the practices they use come from origins that had nothing to do with their heritage. My ancestry is Native and Irish, but I don’t practice celtic Witchcraft, I practice a more eclectic form, borrowing aspects from various cultures to create my own unique path. I only use practices I have studied and understand, rather than picking and choosing things because they sound cool.
    But I can understand a point, that using something without understanding it, is somewhat insulting. One example I can give is the Wiccans idea of Karma. They seem to believe its like a boomerang, that what you send out returns times three and that’s not what Karma was intended to be. I think that before someone adheres to a guideline or rule, it`s important that they learn about it first.

  6. Uh, plenty of neopagans do not claim they are “living like their ancestors.” Also, plenty of non-pagan New Agers embrace chakras.

  7. Some people, like you, think the “old ways” (which are most often reconstructed/ reinvented ways) are supposed to be connected to your roots.
    A lot of people don’t agree with that… a lot of traditions tell you to follow your heart to find your path.
    Pagan is an umbrella term and not an official religion in itself. There are no “rules” about such things that apply to Pagans across the board. There is no single Pagan philosophy.

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